Giulia Suffered Wrist Fracture Injury at Marigold Debut Event, Update on WWE’s Current NXT Debut Plans for Giulia

Marigold announced earlier today on Twitter that Giulia suffered a right wrist fracture injury at their Fields Forever debut event on Monday in Tokyo, Japan.

Giulia had competed in a tag team match with Utami Hayashishita against Bozilla & Sareee in the main event at the debut event.

It was also announced that due to her injury, Giulia has been pulled from the 2024 Hana Kimura Memorial Show on May 23rd and upcoming events for the foreseeable future.

Giulia’s right wrist was injured in yesterday’s inaugural match. Today, her doctor examined her and diagnosed her with a fracture. Unfortunately she will miss the Hana Kimura show on the 23rd, and upcoming shows for the time being. We apologize and thank you for understanding.

In regards to Giulia’s current status with WWE, Fightful Select’s Corey Brennan reported that his sources stated that WWE officials are hopeful that Giulia will recover in time for their NXT Heatwave 2024 event on July 7th in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Brennan reported that WWE’s current plans for Giulia’s debut for their NXT brand could change due to Giulia’s current commitments to Marigold and her injury status. WWE officials reportedly are considering plans for Giulia to compete in a Women’s title match at their NXT Heatwave 2024 event and targeting this match to be for the NXT Women’s Championship against Roxanne Perez.

Those spoken to reportedly stated that Giulia is still scheduled to compete for Marigold’s upcoming Summer Destiny event on July 13th. Those spoken to in Japan reportedly stated that this scheduled booking is not expected to affect her WWE appearances beforehand.

Brenann reported that Giulia is currently set to be the lead star for the next class of signees at WWE’s Performance Center and WWE officials currently have plans to maintain Giulia’s current persona due to them valuing her established character.