Sting’s Son Steven Borden Training for Pro Wrestling Career

Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp reported that he had recently contacted Darby Allin for a new interview that will be released soon on Fightful Select.

Sapp reported that Allin had informed him that Sting’s son Steven Borden is currently training for a professional wrestling career and has been staying at his house. Allin stated that Borden has been sleeping in a tent set up in his backyard and has been training in a ring inside his house.

Allin also stated Borden became inspired to start training for a wrestling career of his own following his participation in his father’s retirement match at this past March AEW Revolution 2024 event.

Borden had stated in an interview with this past March that he was originally not interested in a pro wrestling career but he became more “murky” on the idea following AEW’s Revolution 2024 event.

“I just always liked leaving it as my dad’s thing. I never really had much interest in stepping into his world. I thought that was his thing. I would say it’s mostly still similar, but that said, maybe in the last six months to a year that answer has gotten a little bit more murky.”