WWE: More on Damien Priest’s New WWE Contract, New Uncle Howdy QR Code Teases Announcement for This Thursday, LA Knight on WWE Holding KotR Matches at House Shows

As noted before, Damian Priest signed a new contract with WWE to remain in the company for the foreseeable future.

Fughtful Select reported that their sources stated that Priest had signed a new deal a couple of months ago and actually came down to the wire for it. Priest’s contract with WWE was only a few days away from expiring at the time.

Those spoken to reportedly stated that WWE officials had always planned on keeping Priest and the two sides had talked a lot before the new contract was officially signed.

New Bo Dallas & Uncle Howdy QR Code Teases Announcement for This Thursday

As noted before, WWE currently has plans for Bo Dallas and the Uncle Howdy character’s return to the company.

Monday’s WWE RAW show in Greenville, South Carolina featured a new video teaser for Dallas and Uncle Howdy’s upcoming return.

During the Queen of the Ring 2024 Tournament Quarterfinal Round match between IYO SKY and Shayna Baszler, the screen briefly glitched again and flashed a new QR code. When scanned, this code leads to a set of photos including one featuring an image of a floppy disk labeled “5.16.24 4pm + WITCH.” In an interesting note, Monday’s teaser was also the first time that WWE’s commentary publicly acknowledged the existence of the glitches and QR codes.

LA Knight Comments on WWE Holding King of the Ring Matches at House Show Events

As noted before, WWE held two King of the Ring and two Queen of the Ring tournaments First Round matches at their house show events this past weekend. Among those who had their matches bumped off of WWE television for these house show events was LA Knight.

In a recent response to a fan, LA Knight stated on Twitter that he does not view his King of the Ring match against Santos Escobar being relegated to a house show event as being a bad thing nor as a sign of a lack of respect by WWE.