WWE NXT Notes: Results, Sol Ruca & Lash Legend Advance to Women’s North American Title Ladder Match, Noam Dar Attacked by Mystery Person, New Match for Battleground 2024, Tony D’Angelo Wins Heritage Cup

WWE NXT Results – May 14, 2024

May 14, 2024
Orlando, FL – WWE Performance Center
Commentary – Vic Joseph and Booker T

Quick Match Results

  1. NXT Women’s North American Championship Ladder Qualifying match – Sol Ruca defeated Izzi Dame via Sol Snatcher (pinfall)
  2. OTM (Lucien Price & Bronco Nima) defeated Edris Enofe & Malik Blade via Suplex & Spinebuster combo (pinfall)
    • During the match, Enofe’s boot started to become loose leading to the ending of Enofe attempted a dive to the outside only to stop his run to set it up due to his boot coming loose again. This led to Price hitting a superkick to Enofe and OTM hitting their double team suplex and spinebuster finisher for the pinfall victory.
  3. NXT Women’s North American Championship Ladder Qualifying match – Lash Legend defeated Ivy Nile via Pump Kick (pinfall)
    • Near the end of the match, Nile locked in a standing Dragon Sleeper to Legend leading to Legend trying to push Nile into the ropes. This led to Jakara Jackson grabbing Nile’s foot while the referee was not looking causing Nile to let go of her hold and kicked Jackson in return. Lash responded with a front slam toss to Nile and followed it with a Pump Kick for the pinfall victory.
  4. Je’Von Evans defeated Oro Mensah via Corkscrew Splash (pinfall)
    • Near the end of the match, Jakaka Jackson got onto the apron to distract the referee leading to Lash Legend grabbing a chair under the ring to try to give it to Mensah. This led to Trick Williams coming out preventing Legend from going through with her plan and kept an eye on Legend and Jackson for the rest of the match at ringside.
    • Following the match, Williams went into the ring and congratulated Evans for his victory.
  5. The O.C. (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows) defeated Chase U (Riley Osborne & Ridge Holland) via Roll-up (pinfall)
    • Near the end of the match, Holland attempted an Alabama Slam to Anderson only to get accidentally dropkicked by Osborne who meant to hit Gallows instead. This led to Holland letting go of his hold and Anderson rolling him up for the pinfall victory for The O.C.
  6. Lola Vice defeated Carlee Bright via Backfist Strike (pinfall)
    • Prior to the start of the match, Shayna Baszler came out with Vice to be at her corner.
    • Following the match, Vice attempted to attack Bright only for Natayla & Karmen Petrovic to run out to save Bright and cleared the ring of Vice and Baszler. Petrovic grabbed a microphone and challenged Vice and Baszler to a tag team match for next week’s show.
  7. NXT Heritage Cup Championship match – Tony D’Angelo defeated Charlie Dempsey (c), 2 points to 1 point
    • D’Angelo scored the first point after catching Dempsey in a roll-up for the pinfall in the First Round.
    • Dempsey tied the score at 1 point to 1 point after hitting a Bridging German Suplex for the pinfall in the Third Round.
    • During the Fifth Round, No Quarter Catch Crew’s Miles Borne and Damon Kemp ran out trying to interfere in the match leading to a brawl between NQCC and the D’Angelo Family. After some brawling, Dempsey rolled up D’Angelo for a near fall. D’Angelo responded hitting the Fugedaboutit for the decisive title victory pinfall.

Sol Ruca & Lash Legend Advances to Women’s North American Title Ladder Match at NXT Battleground 2024

Tuesday’s NXT show featured two qualifying matches for the NXT Women’s North American Championship match at NXT Battleground 2024.

The first qualifying match was Sol Ruca defeating Izzi Dame.

The second qualifying match was Lash Legend defeating Ivy Nile.

As a result of their victories, Ruca and Legend advanced to the NXT Women’s North American Championship Ladder match at NXT Battleground 2024.

Noam Dar Claims He was Attacked by Mystery Attacker at Tuesday’s NXT Show

Tuesday’s NXT show also featured Noam Dar claiming he was attacked by a mysterious person.

At the start of the show, Dar was seen backstage on the ground being attended to by Meta-Four and NXT officials. Dar stated that he was attacked by a mystery person leading to Oro Mensah claiming that it must have been Trick Williams who did it. Legend responded denying that it could have been Williams but gave no proof of her claims while Dar gave a menacing stare at Legend over her comments.

In a follow-up backstage segment, Dar and Meta-Four were seen in the NXT doctor’s office. While Legend was doing some pre-match training, Dar stated that it was either Williams or Je’Von Evans who had attacked him. Mensah responded stating that he will take over Dar’s spot for his match against Evans tonight. Jackson asked Legend how she could be sure that it was not Williams who attacked Dar leading to Legend stating that she has more important things to worry about since her NXT Women’s North American Championship qualifying match was next.

In another follow-up segment, NXT backstage interviewer Sarah Schreiber asked Evans about Dar accusing him as being his potential attacker. Evans denied it was him and stated that he was going to have fun with Mensah tonight.

NXT North American Title Match Announced for NXT Battleground 2024

Tuesday’s NXT show also featured one new match announced for the card of NXT Battleground 2024, which takes place on June 9th at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This new match announced was a NXT North American Championship match of Winner of Ivar/Wes Lee/Josh Briggs vs. Oba Femi (c).

This match was setup following an in-ring promo segment involving Lee, Femi, Ivar, and Briggs.

During the show, Lee came out to make an announcement after after some words talking about how much he loves NXT and the North American title, Lee stated that him losing the title led to a series of events where he questioned his career. Lee then talked about his recovery from his back injury being quicker than anyone expected and how he is standing back in the ring and feeling the energy from the crowd.

Before Lee could continue, Femi’s music played interrupting his speech. Femi came out to the ring and after some words praising Lee, Femi stated that Lee took that title as far as he could but now Lee gets to sit back and watch while he takes this title to heights you would never belong. After some more words boasting about himself, Femi stated that he is a warrior and the mountain that Lee can not climber conquer. Femi then asked if Lee wanted a title match, which Lee said “dam right.” Femi responded stating that Lee has to prove that he deserves an opportunity for the title that was once his.

After some more words in response by Lee, Ivar’s music played interrupting Lee for a second time tonight. Ivar came out to the ring and stated that he went through everything that Wes did after he was injured and revealed that they have the same spinal surgeon. After some more words talking about his recovery and coming back having to fight for everything that he got, Ivar stated that he wants a shot at Femi’s title.

This led to Briggs’ music interrupting and him coming out to the ring as well. Briigs proceeded to make his case for why he should be the one to challenge Femi for his title and claimed when he wins the title, he will throw a bone to Lee and Ivar. Femi responded stating that they all have compelling arguments leading to Lee stating to make it a Fatal Four-way match for his title. Femi responded stating that this is why he is the champion and Lee is not and proceeded to get out of the ring. Femi stated for them to fight against themselves and the winner would get the opportunity against him.

Later in the show, it was announced that the winner of this upcoming #1 Contender match will officially challenge Femi for his North American title at Battleground 2024.

In a follow-up segment, Lee, Ivar, and Briggs were all seen being attended to after being attacked off-screen by a mysterious attacker, who was revealed to be Gallus making their surprise return to NXT.

Current card for NXT Battleground 2024:

  • NXT Women’s North American Championship Ladder match – Sol Ruca vs. Lash Legend vs. TBD vs. TBD vs. TBD vs. TBD
  • NXT North American Championship – Winner of Ivar/Wes Lee/Josh Briggs vs. Oba Femi (c)

Tony D’Angelo Wins NXT Heritage Cup Title at Tuesday’s NXT Show

Tuesday’s NXT show also featured Tony D’Angelo defeating Charlie Dempsey to become the new NXT Heritage Cup Champion.

D’Angelo and Dempsey were tied at one point a piece going into the Fifth Round. During the round, No Quarter Catch Crew’s Miles Borne and Damon Kemp ran out trying to interfere leading to a mass brawl between the D’Angelo Family and No Quarter Catch Crew. This led to Dempsey catching D’Angelo in a roll-up for a near fall after D’Angelo cleared the ring of Borne. D’Angelo responded by hitting the Fugedaboutit for decisive pinfall to become the new NXT Heritage Cup Champion.