Kevin Kelly Planning to Sue AEW Over His Firing

As noted before, Kevin Kelly was fired from AEW this past March over issues related to an online incident involving Kelly accusing AEW and ROH commentator Ian Riccaboni of committing libel against him. Besides the online incident, AEW officials had also not been happy with Kelly’s quality of work as a commentator for the company.

A recent episode of the Wise Choices podcast featured Kelly as the guest. One of the topics discussed included Kelly revealing that he is currently planning to sue AEW over his firing from the company.

“Yeah, of course.”

Kelly also gave his thoughts about the backstage work environment in AEW during his time in the company.

“He’s got good people around him that he doesn’t utilize. His vision of what wrestling is, for me, works best on a small scale. People always wonder why did PWG stay small? Well they knew, I think, they knew if they went big it would go stale fast.

(Tony Khan) wants to appeal to a niche audience with his vision of wrestling. But he thinks he can convince the people to watch on a grand scale. The other thing he’s done, he’s made himself the face of the company. He’s the one going now on TV interviews.”

Kelly also gave his thoughts about comments made by Riccaboni over Kelly promoting controversial and alleged QAnon conspiracy theory film “Sound of Freedom” during a broadcast. Kelly claimed that the comments made were defamatory and hurt his standing in the wrestling industry.

“It’s about child trafficking, how could anybody be against child trafficking? Well apparently, it’s a QAnon conspiracy theory movie, Eric, I don’t know if you knew that.”

Host Eric Bischoff responded in agreement with Kelly’s comments stating:

“Ian, if you’re listening to this, you’re fucking weird, and the people who think like you are fucking weird.”

In regards to the controversial film, Senior Director for The McCain Institute’s Combating Human Trafficking Symposium Kristen Abrams stating in an article for USA Today that “What all moviegoers – especially our nation’s top lawmakers – must know, however, is that the depictions of child trafficking and the rescue tactics celebrated in this film are highly sensationalized, misleading and do more harm than good.”

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