AEW: Tony Khan on No Comments Over Potential of Ricochet Joining AEW, Jim Ross Health Update, Zack Sabre Jr. on Upcoming Match with Orange Cassidy

Tony Khan Gives Non-Comment Answer Over Potential of Ricochet Joining AEW

As noted before, Ricochet is currently expected to be leaving WWE once his contract expires this summer, which is believed to be somewhere in the first half of this summer. This past Monday’s WWE RAW show was Ricochet’s final scheduled appearance for WWE.

TV Insider held a recent interview with AEW CEO Tony Khan. One of the topics discussed included Khan giving a non-answer when asked about his thoughts about Ricochet as a talent and the potential of him joining AEW within the near future.

“If it’s okay, I’d rather not get into wrestlers that still work for someone else.”

Jim Ross Health Status Update

As noted before, Jim Ross was hospitalized this past May due to him suffering from shortness of breath health issues. Ross was unable to travel to Las Vegas, Nevada for his scheduled commentary work at AEW’s Double or Nothing 2024 event as a result.

In a recent episode of the Grilling JR podcast, Ross provided an update on the current status of his health.

“I’m pretty good, Connie. Good to see you. I’m good. I’m getting better every day. Well, I’m in Oklahoma. So that’s good for me. I flew out here about two weeks ago, thinking that it was time to come home and evaluate everything. But on the way here, I contracted a virus, which was not cool. So the guy that helps me here and runs my website, Steven Link, he picked me up and brought me home. I was feeling really bad, I don’t know why. So we went to the emergency medical thing, and they admitted me to the hospital right away, so that was kind of scary. I stayed in the hospital here in Oklahoma for three nights, I think it was, which is never any fun. I was diagnosed as having I think they call it virus A or something along those lines. So I struggled a little bit for three days, but I got over the hump, as I always do. Seems like I always kick out. Can’t do any jobs, not in Oklahoma. That’s like [Jerry] Lawler getting beat in Memphis, it just don’t happen. So anyway, I stayed in the hospital for a few days.”

Ross also stated that he is currently scheduled to work in commentary for AEW’s upcoming Forbidden Door 2024 event baring Tony Khan deciding against having him travel for the show.

“I got out of the hospital, obviously. I’m not there now, and feeling better. So it was a viral thing. I wasn’t prepared for it, quite frankly. I had to get on oxygen, I had an oxygen unit in my home. Still do, I haven’t been using it. I don’t need it. So I had a little challenge, but that’s the way it is. The thing you have to realize is, you just gotta understand that getting older comes with a price. Anyway, I’m battling. I feel good, actually. I’ve got some appearances coming up. Next time I’m going on the road will be for this AEW pay-per-view, so I’m gonna resume my schedule of that activity. So I’ll be at the next pay-per-view, as far as I know. If Tony Khan doesn’t want me there, then he’ll tell me. But that’s not been the case. He’s been very supportive, which I appreciate. He’s ended up being a really good boss in that respect, and I appreciate that. He doesn’t have to be as nice to me as he is, but he’s very nice, and I’m very appreciative.”

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Zack Sabre Jr. Comments on Orange Cassidy Being an Elite Wrestling & Those Who Think Cassidy is a Joke are “F**king Idiots”

This past Sunday’s NJPW Dominion 2024 event in Osaka, Japan featured TMDK’s Kosei Fujita, Robbie Eagles, & Zack Sabre Jr. defeating Clark Connors, Drilla Moloney, & LJ Cleary in a six-man tag team match at the event. Following the match, Sabre Jr. gave his thoughts in a backstage post-match press conference about his challenge to Orange Cassidy for this year’s Forbidden Door event.

“I think it’s official, right? Zack Sabre Jr [versus] Orange Cassidy, first-time singles match. The only people that think Orange bollocks, Orange Cassidy is a joke are fucking idiots. Orange Cassidy is an elite, elite wrestler. Anyone that doesn’t think so is a fool. But most importantly, I’m kickstarting my summer holiday tour. This summer’s gonna be the biggest in my career. I’m gonna main-event Arena Mexico for the first time. I’m gonna pop over to AEW, tap out Orange Cassidy, and I’m going to come and win the G1 Climax. This year is just beginning for Zack Sabre Jr.”

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