Backstage Update on AEW Dynamite’s Record Setting Low Ratings for 6/19 Show & Warner Bros Discovery’s Non-Worried Reaction

As noted before, this past Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite show drew the third lowest viewership for a Dynamite show and the lowest ever for a Dynamite show in its regular Wednesday night timeslot in series history. Dynamite’s rating of 0.16 was also the lowest ever for a Dynamite show in series history.

Fightful Select reported that several AEW sources spoken to stated that they believe the main reason for the large loss in viewers for this week’s show was due to issues involving their lead-in programming viewership. It was reported that the typical lead in from the Big Bang Theory usually does a key demographic viewership number of around 200,000 to 250,000 for their final quarter. Those spoken to reportedly stated that TBS airing of the Black Panther film for this week’s lead-in viewership for AEW drew under 85,000 for key demo viewership for its final quarter. Those spoken to reportedly stated that they believe that the missing people for this week’s AEW viewership numbers were the normal lead-in watchers that didn’t exist this week.

Those spoken to within AEW reportedly stated that the “tune in” number for Dynamite ended up actually being strong because of the lead-in drop off.

AEW talents spoken to reportedly stated that they were surprised when they found out what the viewership number was for Wednesday’s show.

In regards to the reaction within Warner Bros Discovery, one WBD rep spoken to reportedly stated “Just a very odd week in general, and a confluence of stuff Juneteenth holiday in the middle of the week (when does a mid-week holiday ever happen in late spring/summer months?!). Competition with Olympic trials and college baseball all World Series in prime time. Amazing weather in much of the country (especially up here in the northeast), so lots more people out and about. Wouldn’t really put much into one week’s number, although I know the wrestling community likes to go nuclear with these kinds of one-offs.” This same person reportedly also stated that they expect AEW’s numbers to increase for next week’s show.

Another WBD source spoken to reportedly stated that Dynamite’s number this week does not affect the potential of a new television deal between AEW and WBD.

It was reported that while neither WBD or AEW sources brought up the high profile Kendrick Lamar concert as another potential reason, the online reaction over the concert is currently believed to have been another key reason for AEW’s record low numbers for this week’s Dynamite show.