IYO SKY Announced for Marigold’s Summer Destiny Event This July

Tuesday’s Grand Opening Wars 2024 event for Marigold in Tokyo, Japan featured IYO SKY making a surprise video appearance.

Following Utami Hayashishita’s victory over Nanae Takahashi in the main event of the show, SKY appeared on the big video screen and issued a challenge to Hyayashishita to a match at Marigold’s Summer Destiny event on July 13th in Tokyo. Hayashishita responded accepting the challenge and Marigold made this match official for their upcoming event.

Following her video appearance, SKY commented on Twitter about her upcoming match against Hayashishita.

“As a WWE Superstar, I will enter the ring July 13th at Ryogoku Kokugikan.

This will be a “dream match” for women’s wrestling fans not only in Japan but all over the world.

This premium fight will never happen again… please look forward to it.”

This will be SKY’s first in-ring appearance for Marigold and the first match by a WWE talent for a Marigold event.