Triple H on WWE RAW Won’t Have Censoring Issues with Crowds & Promos on Netflix

A recent episode of The Pat McAfee Show featured WWE CCO Paul “Triple H” Levesque as the guest. One of the topics discussed included Levesque’s thoughts about WWE RAW’s upcoming move to Netflix and if there will be any changes made to RAW shows as a result.

“We spend large chunks of our time, every day, when we’re not thinking about the business at hand now, we’re thinking about those moments. In the fall, as the shows shift around, and then once we get to Netflix. Netflix is a completely different animal. It’s a streaming service. How are commercials going to work? How are breaks going to work? What’s the length of time? What are the restrictions or not restrictions? Being on Fox, if the crowd chants ‘holy shit’ or something worse, they take the audio (out). Sometimes, they take the picture and the audio out and it’s a black screen. The Rock comes in and you can’t tell what The Rock to do. He does what he does. We won’t have those issues with Netflix. The ability to be live globally and be seen live everywhere is a game-changing moment. In many ways, that’s sort of where the world is heading; streaming services. The NFL is sticking its toe in the water. NBA, every sport. It’s why this Netflix deal, for us, is so game-changing and everyone is going to be watching us in January, especially other sports, from the business side, they’re going to be watching to see what we do, what we do differently, and how it’s received.”

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