Uncle Howdy & New Wyatt Family Makes Surprise Return at Monday’s WWE RAW Show

Monday’s WWE RAW show in Corpus Christi, Texas featured Uncle Howdy and the new Wyatt Family making their surprise return to WWE.

Throughout the show, several Uncle Howdy teasers aired featuring screen glitches and brief videos being shown.

Following Jey Uso’s victory over Finn Balor and Rey Mysterio in a Triple Threat Qualifying match for the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder match, Uso’s celebration with the crowd was cut short after the lights started going out in the venue.

A mysterious glowing door with smoke coming out was seen on stage and a mysterious woman crawled out revealing herself to be Sister Abigail. Abigail then pointed to the back which led the cameraman walking to the backstage. A smoke-full and darken wrecked backstage area was shown with a lot of security, WWE officials, and wrestlers being seen laid out and bloodied all over the place as each member of the Wyatt Family revealed themselves.

A large Ramblin’ Rabbit figure was seen holding up a mallet with the words “Help” on it and a pile of people nearby him on the ground. The cameraman then panned to the Gorilla Position featuring another mysterious person in a mask sitting on a desk with more bodies including Braun Strowman laying on the ground. Another area was shown featuring another masked person wearing a gas mask seen and more laid out bodies shown including a bloodied Chad Gable. The cameraman then panned to another area revealing Uncle Howdy who proceeded to walk out to the stage with the rest of the new Wyatt Family as the firefly lights filled the arena. Howdy grabbed the lantern and stated “We’re here” and blew out the lantern as the show went to a close.