Various: Ric Flair on Who Were the “Three-Headed Monster” for Killing WCW & Vince Russo Responds, Matt Riddle on Talks with TNA for Potential Deal, Indies

Ric Flair Comments on Who He Considers to be “Three-Headed Monster” for Killing WCW & Vince Russo Responds

WWE Hall of Famer and wrestling legend Ric Flair recently gave his thoughts on Twitter about VICE TV’s Who Killed WCW? docuseries and his belief that the three people responsible for WCW’s demise were Jim Herd, Eric Bischoff, and Vince Russo.

“I’ve Tried To Lay Low On This But Let’s Face It- Who Killed WCW? It’s A Three-Headed Monster! Jim Herd, @EBischoff, And @THEVinceRusso
!!! There’s No Individual Wrestler Or Faction That Caused Anything To Kill WCW. It Was The People In Charge That Created Dysfunction, Animosity, And Tried To Divide And Conquer By Lying To Everyone And Involving Themselves In The Promotion Which Was The Ultimate Failure! God, I Could Give You A Thousand More Examples. I Am One To Live Through All Three Nightmares And To Be Saved By The @WWE
! Thank You To The WWE For Bringing Someone Who Was Dead In The Water As A Result Of These Three People Back To Life!”

Following Flair’s tweet, Russo responded on Twitter sarcastically thanking Flair for giving him that much credit for WCW’s death and mocked Flair for being upset he was not interviewed for the series and claimed Flair deserved some of the blame as well.

“Looks like The Nature Boy is Hitting that RUM CANDY Again!!! Thanks for Giving me that Much Credit. For a Writer to take down a Multi-Million Dollar Company through Words on a Page? I guess I really was Special. Not my fault you weren’t in the Doc, Rick. Sorry, man. I hope you don’t think my excessive use of your son David, and the Rest of Your Family for that Matter—who were all GREAT BY THE WAY—wasn’t the Knife that drew the Company’s Last Blood. Yeah—I failed at Laying Low too.

Following Russo’s tweet, Flair responded on Twitter proposing a summit meeting with Russo, Herd, and Bischoff where he would pay each of them $20,000 to appear, sell some tickets, a potentially produce this as a pay-per-view event for them to “hash this out.”

“Wow, Glad You Got Back To Me @THEVinceRusso!!! Whatever Candy I’m Eating At Least I Can Afford To Eat Which I’m Not Sure You Can. I Would Give You $20k, @EBischoff $20k, And Jim Herd $20k A Piece Wired In Advance To Show Up In Tampa Or Atlanta. I’ll Rent The Venue In Tampa Or Atlanta, It Will Sell Out For Sure, So We Can Hash This Out. And I Guarantee That I Can Probably Sell This To A PPV Status Because I’m Ric Flair And You’re Not. Story Of My Life!”

Matt Riddle Comments on Being in Talks with TNA for Potential Deal

A recent River City Wrestling Con event featured former WWE talent Matt Riddle as one of the guests. One of the topics discussed included Riddle’s thoughts about the future of his wrestling career and revealed that he has been in recent talks with TNA Wrestling for a potential contract.

“WWE return, you never know. AEW, you never know. Right now, I work a lot with New Japan and MLW. I’ve been in talks with TNA. I’ve been in talks with everybody, to be honest. Right now, I’m focusing on myself. I just had a child. I have a six-month year old son, plus three other kids. My twin girls are 14 and my other son is 11. I have quite the roster. I’m just focusing on that because the last decade or longer, I’ve been wrestling and training. I’ve been on the indies, and that’s basically what I’m doing now, but I get paid a little more, I get to do [appearances], and I get a little more time with my family.”

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Misc. Wrestling News & Notes

VICE TV released a new trailer featuring Bret Hart’s thoughts about his time in WCW for tonight’s episode of Who Killed WCW? on their network.

West Coast Pro Wrestling recently announced that Xia Lee, former Xia Li in WWE, will be making her debut appearance for the company at their Queen of the Indies 2024 event on August 17th in San Fransisco, California. This will be Lee’s first match since her release from WWE this past April.

As noted before, AEW recently resolved the issues between Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre and Lucha Libre AAA regarding the status of CMLL and AAA talent for this month’s AEW and NJPW’s Forbidden Door 2024 event. The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer reported that CMLL is currently believed to have relaxed their restrictions for their talent working at shows that also feature AAA talent in Mexico. Meltzer reported that an indie event this past Saturday in Mexico featured The Beast Mortos (former Black Taurus in AAA) competing in a match against CMLL talent Mascara Dorada and a local talent. Meltzer reported that this match was originally advertised to feature Atlantis Jr. but he pulled out due to a recent injury and CMLL offered to send Esfinge but the promoter wanted a bigger name star. Meltzer reported that under CMLL’s previous rules, Mortos would not have been allowed to be in this match despite him recently leaving AAA. Meltzer speculated that this could mean that CMLL would be okay with Mortos competing in matches against their talent in AEW shows.

The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer reported that Nick Wayne’s current status for his scheduled appearance for Lucha Libre AAA’s Triplemania XXXII: Tijuana event on June 15th is currently in doubt. Meltzer speculated that Wayne might be booked for AEW’s Collision show that night in Youngstown, Ohio following the announcement of a Christian Cage Father’s Day Special segment for the show. Meltzer reported that his sources have yet to confirm Wayne’s status for that night.

Insane Clown Possy recently announced that they will be launching a new bi-weekly wrestling series called JCW Lunacy for their Juggalo Championship Wrestling promotion. No official debut date was given for this new upcoming wrestling show.

Beyond Wrestling recently announced that Joey Janela and “Filthy” Tom Lawlor will be making an appearance for the company at their Americanrana ’24: Where Eagles Dare event on July 4th in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Game Changer Wrestling recently announced that Maki Itoh will be making an appearance for the company at their Now And Forever event on August 2nd in Cleveland, Ohio.

Josh Barnett recently announced one new match for GCW Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport XI event on July 28th in Brooklyn, New York:

  • Mike Santana vs. Homicide

Ice Ribbon recently announced one new match for the card of their Ribbon After The Rain 2024 event on June 23rd in Tokyo, Japan:

  • IWGP Women’s Championship – Tsukasa Fujimoto vs. Mayu Iwatani (c)

DDT Pro Wrestling recently announced one new match for the card of their Wrestle Peter Pan 2024 event on July 21st in Tokyo, Japan:

  • El Desperado vs. Chris Brookes