WWE NXT Notes: Results, Wendy Choo Debuts New Evil Persona for In-Ring Return, NXT Title #1 Contender 25-Man Battle Royal & More Set for 6/18 NXT Show, Roxanne Perez Gives State of the Women’s Division Address

WWE NXT Results – June 11, 2024

June 11, 2024
Orlando, FL – WWE Performance Center
Commentary – Vic Joseph and Booker T

Quick Match Results

  1. Michin defeated Jaida Parker via Roll-up (pinfall)
    • Near the end of the match, Parker hit a Tear Drop Hip Check attack to Michin resulting in Michin crashing hard out out of the ring. This led to The O.C. coming out to check on Michin and got into a brief confrontation with Parker. After some more action, Parker grabbed a chair and tried to attack Michin with it only for Karl Anderson to get on the apron and grabbed the chair away from Parker. This led to Parker being distracted and got caught in roll-up by Michin, who scored the pinfall victory.
  2. Gallus (Wolfgang & Mark & Joe Coffey) defeated Wes Lee & New Catch Republic via All the Best for the Bells (pinfall)
    • Near the end of the match, Dunne hit a moonsault off the apron to Mark & Wolfgang that was followed by Bate hitting a suicide dive to the outside. This led to Lee hitting a Meteora to Joe for the near fall. Lee then went to the top rope and leap off to the outside onto Gallus & New Catch Republic before Joe had the chance to shove him off. Lee then went back into the ring and leaped over Joe only to get hit with an All the Best for the Bells lariat by Joe for the pinfall to give Gallus the victory.
  3. Wendy Choo defeated Brinley Reece via Body Scissors Sleeper Hold (submission)
  4. Singapore Cane match – Lexis King defeated Dante Chen via The Coronation (pinfall)
    • Near the end of the match, King hit a low blow to Chen with a cane and tossed him back into the ring. King then grabbed his scepter and attacked Chen with it and followed with a scepter assisted The Coronation for the pinfall victory.
  5. Eddy Thorpe defeated Tavion Heights via Impailer DDT (pinfall)
  6. Shawn Spears defeated Je’Von Evans via C4 (pinfall)
    • Near the end of the match, Evans hit a clothesline to Spears over the top rope sending Spears to the outside. Evans then went up to the top rope and attempted a springboard cross body to Spears only for Spears to dodge away and Evans crashing face first on the announcer’s table. Spears then tossed Evans back into the ring and hit a C4 for the pinfall victory.

Wendy Choo Debuts New Entrance Theme & Evil Persona for In-Ring Return at Tuesday’s NXT Show

Tuesday’s NXT show featured Wendy Choo making her official in-ring return to WWE’s NXT brand.

Prior to her official in-ring return, WWE had aired a series of vignettes featuring Choo sleeping and then finally waking up revealing a new evil sleep paralysis demon style look and persona for Choo.

During tonight’s show, Choo came out for her match against Brinley Reece debuting a new entrance theme that was less cheerful and happy sounding than her previous theme. Choo also had same evil look and persona to go along with a new menacing fight style and quickly dispatched Reece for the submission victory.

This was Choo’s first match on NXT television since January of 2023.

25-Man Battle Royal Announced to Determine Next Challenger for Trick Williams NXT Title for Next Week’s NXT Show

Tuesday’s NXT show also featured the announcement of a 25-Man Battle Royal match to determine the next official challenger for Trick Williams’ NXT Championship at NXT Heatwave 2024.

During the show, Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes came out to the ring and talked about being back in front of an NXT crowd and his upcoming match against AJ Styles for his title at Clash at the Castle. This led to Trick Williams’ music playing and him coming out to the ring. Williams talked about how they have had similar journeys and Rhodes being at the top of the game and him doing his thing. Williams stated that they are both champions and they both had giants chips on their shoulders to get here. After some more words, Williams asked Rhodes for some advice on how to deal with being a champion and being attacked by people who want his title. Rhodes responded stating that going from hunter to the hunted and to have all of your peers in the back judging you thinking they can wear that belt better than them. Rhodes continued stating that they have conquered some mountains but there are other mountains to climb.

Rhodes then stated that NXT General Manager Ava granted him the authority to announced Williams’ next opponent for his title will be determined by a 25-Man Battle Royal match that will take place at next week’s NXT show. Rhodes stated that Williams might know some of the people who will be competing but there might also be some people from “different locker rooms” showing up.

Rhodes then stated that he wishes Trick good luck but before he could end things, Williams stated that he has one more thing to ask him. Williams stated that with the Fourth of July around the corner, he wants to know if Rhodes is coming to the cookout. Rhodes responded accepting the invitation.

Roxanne Perez Gives State of the NXT Women’s Division Address

Tuesday’s NXT show also featured Roxanne Perez giving a State of the NXT Women’s Division Address.

Durring the show’s main event, Perez came out to the ring and talked about still being the NXT Women’s Champion and still stands at the top of the greatest women’s division. After some more words boasting about herself and still being the champion, Perez stated that there is one woman who needs to come out to thank her, which Perez revealed to be Ava.

This led to NXT GM Ava coming out and stated that she expected this to happen. Ava then congratulated Perez for her victory but wants to know what she has to thank her for. Ava stated that it isn’t about what you say but about what you do and who you defend your title against and how you look. Perez responded stating that Ava always finds a way to make it about her and whoever she arranges for her, she will always find a way to win. Perez stated that there is no one woman to take the title away from her.

This led to Jacy Jayne and Jazmyn Nyx coming out to interrupt and Jane asking Roxanne if she is trying to take credit for the NXT Women’s locker room. After some insults, Jayne claimed that she was the reason why people watched NXT and you can’t talk about the women’s division without mentioning her. After some words between Vice and Jackson, a big brawl broke out that ended with the ring being cleared of everyone except Perez and Vice to end the show.

Current Card for June 18th NXT Show

Tuesday’s NXT show also featured two new matches announced for the card of next week’s NXT show on June 18th.

These matches were setup during promos and segments throughout the show.

Current card for June 18th NXT show:

  • NXT Championship #1 Contender 25-Man Battle Royal match – TBA vs. TBA(s)
  • NXT Women’s North American Championship – Michin vs. Kelani Jordan (c)