Guess the entrance theme music from the short clips below.

If you guess all three correctly, your name and website will be posted along with next week’s edition of Guess the Themes. First 30 winners will be posted.

Guess the Themes:

Theme #1:
[audio:|titles=Theme #1|artists=TPWW]

Theme #2:
[audio:|titles=Theme #2|artists=TPWW]

Theme #3:
[audio:|titles=Theme #3|artists=TPWW]


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Last Week’s Answers:

Theme #1: Legion of Doom
[audio:|titles=Theme #1|artists=TPWW]

Theme #2: Bret Hart
[audio:|titles=Theme #2|artists=TPWW]

Theme #3: Yokozuna
[audio:|titles=Theme #3|artists=TPWW]

Last Week’s Winners:

CCGs Cards from Pittsburgh, PA – CCGs Cards
JP O’neil from Winter Park, FL
Ian Daniels from Arkansas City, KS
Christopher Tumminello from Bronx, NY
Kevin from Fresno, CA
Jonathan from Queens, NY
Greg Thimmes from Delaware –
Charlie Bear from California
Andrew from Forty Fort, PA
Nightwing1321 from North Dakota
Trevor Petgrave from New Jersey
Josh from Virginia
Evan Spilchuk –
Boo from Georgia
Greg from Oklahoma
MEL3 from Phoenix, AZ
Joe P from Hanover, MD
Darren Miller from East Kilbride – Westwood Baptist Church
Fred Hill from Delta
Bryan Johnston from East Kilbride
The Yeti from Parts Unknown
Paul Lahrman from Kentucky
Karanda from UK
Travis Crites from Cherryvale, KS
DAN B from United Kingdom
JaySticLe from Jackson, MI –
Nathan from Hatfield, PA
Matthew Cook from Oceana, WV
Habs316 from Canda
David M from Pennsylvania
Tom Davison from Plattsburgh, NY
Phillip Meek from Tennessee
Mt. I.M.D.H from New Jersey
Tim O’Laughlin from IL
Domino from Baton Rouge – 104.9 The X
Lennon from Springfield, MA
Goozer Mcdoozer from Tu Coseh Nanad