— Husky Harris, last seen on WWE TV has a member of the Nexus, is being advertised for Friday’s RAW house show in Huntsville, Alabama. Harris had a new gimmick in WWE developmental and is listed as taking on Alex Riley on the card. The top matches set for the show are C.M. Punk vs. Mark Henry and John Cena vs. Lord Tensai.

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— Sin Cara will be returning to action on WWE’s upcoming tour of Mexico. An announcement was made on on the April 30th episode of RAW that aired in Mexico. During a recent media interview promoting his return, Sin Cara said he expects things to go a lot better for him in WWE – and explained that he had a hard time adjusting to the WWE style.

Sin Cara specifically mentioned that he’s used to working the “right side” of the body (as they do in Mexico, but not in WWE) – and he’s now much more comfortable working the WWE style.

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