A reliable source revealed to us that WWE management sent out a mass-text this past Friday informing talent in the company that they would be additionally compensated for the recent overseas tour of Brazil.

As noted in a previous exclusive article on, mid-card talents in particular on this recent Brazilian tour, which was considered a huge financial success, received only $500 pay-offs for their work. In the past, WWE talent is accustomed to receiving anywhere in the neighborhood of $2,000-$4,000 for such a tour, depending on the amount of merchandise sold and the success of the live event gates.

On the aforementioned Brazilian tour, both the merchandise and live event gates were considered a phenomenal success, which left many talents in the company curious as to why they received such a low pay off. This particular issue is one that left many of the wrestlers in the company talking amongst themselves about how bad the compensation issue has gotten in present-day WWE.

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