Kaitlyn recently did an interview with GO! Magazine. Here are highlights:

On if she liked wrestling growing up: “I wanted to be exactly like my brother, and he loved wrestling, so I naturally loved wrestling. I was a tomboy and super athletic, and loved any kind of sports. It’s funny; I really liked Goldberg because he was such a bad (dude), and now I’m using “the spear” as my finisher as a little bit of a tribute to him. That’s a pretty cool full-circle moment.”

On how she got into wrestling: “I played competitive soccer for about 15 years, and then I made a decision not to play in college. I got into fitness and bodybuilding, and I competed for a few years. I’ve always loved a challenge, so I tried out and won, and the rest is history. I loved it from day one, and I still love it.”

On her thoughts on this year’s WrestleMania: “When it comes to WrestleMania, I’m such a fan. Even though I’m part of it, I’m literally surprised and every single week — even when I’m watching from backstage — I can’t tear my eyes away from the show. WrestleMania is our Super Bowl. So every show, as it gets closer and closer, something insane happens.”

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