Aired March 15, 2017
Taped in Orlando, FL

Welcome to’s coverage + commentary of this week’s NXT episode, highlighted by Bobby Roode defending the NXT Title against Kassius Ohno.

1 – Authors of Pain (c) vs The Ealy Brothers

The Ealy Brothers, who have a really bad Titantron, made their way to the ring as a pre-recorded vignette played where they vowed to jump high and defeat the Authors of Pain. The Authors of Pain made their way out to the ring w/ Paul Ellering. AOP and The Ealy Brothers are practically the same height. The referee looks very stressed before this match as both teams get up in each other’s faces.

The Ealy Brothers dominate momentarily but are then decimated by the Authors of Pain. The Authors of Pain hit their back-to-back-powerbomb and then their finisher for the win in about 60 seconds.

* Paul Ellering takes the mic and warns The Revival they are the next names in his “Book of Destruction”. DIY’s music hit and they came down to the ring. The crowd chants “DIY”. Ciampa did an impression of Paul Ellering and then Gargano claimed DIY got screwed last time the two teams did battle. The Revival’s music hit and Dash/Dawson came out on the entrance way and cut a promo. The Revival said they are the greatest tag team of all-time. NXT Authority Figure William Regal walked out behind the Revival and said at NXT: Takeover Orlando it will be The Revival vs DIY vs Authors of Pain in a triple-threat elimination match!

* A promo airs for “Heavy Machinery”

* Asuka in a segment sits poolside in a really pretty sundress and reminisces about her incredible victories in NXT and how Ember Moon can’t defeat her. Asuka looks really good in a sundress!

2 – Macy Estrella vs Nikki Cross

Macy’s entrance is good, she wears a long dress and rips it off to reveal a Stacy Kiebler-esque wrestling outfit. Sanity and Nikki Cross make their way out. Cross beats up Macy really bad. Cross’s facial expressions are really annoying. Cross hits her finisher five times in a row, a spinning suplex/neckbreaker combo for the win in about 3 minutes.

* No Way Jose/Tye Dillinger run down after the match but are beat up by Sanity.

* A new promo airs for Tommy End, teasing esoteric elements before saying “Fade To Black” again.

The following two matches are announced for next week:
– Oney Lorcan vs. Adrien “Cien” Almas
– Tye Dillinger, No Way Jose and Roderick Strong vs. SAnitY

3 – Bobby Roode (c) vs. Kassius Ohno

Kassius Ohno makes his way to the ring. Bobby Roode is out next. NXT goes to a break for a commercial for WrestleMania. When they come back Shinsuke Nakamura is watching on a monitor backstage to see who he will face at NXT: Takeover Orlando

Kassius should really not be wearing skintight wrestling gear. It is not flattering. They battle back and forth and Roode is thrown out the ring. NXT goes to a commercial for WrestleMania. A lot of comments on twitter about Kassius Ohno’s gear:

The match is ongoing after the break. Very back and forth until Roode locks Ohno in a resthold around the ten-minute mark. Ohno briefly gets the upperhand but Roode shift the momentum back his way and puts on another resthold twelve minutes in. Kassius hit a series of moves on Bobby, not unlike the moveset of Kevin Owens. Ohno hit a modified stunner following a somersault from the top rope. Kassius signaled for a knockout punch but Roode ducked and hit a spinebuster. Roode got arrogant and showboated only to receive a knock out punch which sent him flying out of the ring. Ohno rolled him in and hit a senton and scored a two-count. Kassius Ohno went for a German Suplex but Roode pushed him into the ropes and O seemed to hit his chin on the top rope, phasing him. Roode hit his finisher, a brainbuster ddt and scored the 1-2-3 at around 18 minutes. Not a good or bad match, just kind of there.

Bobby Roode celebrated on the ramp while Nakamura watched on a monitor from backstage.

OVERALL REVIEW: Just “Ok”. Felt like it was missing “something”.