Brock Lesnar’s contract with WWE expires next year after WrestleMania and according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, he expects that it will be hard for Lesnar to turn down the money and schedule that WWE may offer him and he expects that Lesnar would likely re-sign with WWE. However, it also depends on if Vince McMahon feels that Lesnar is “worth it” and if WWE is worried about competition from Lesnar signing with New Japan or another promotion.

Meltzer also mentioned that the entire idea of Brock Lesnar’s booking all along (making him an “unbeatable” monster) has been to have him lose to Roman Reigns. That has been “the idea of Brock for years now.” WWE originally wanted to have Reigns beat Lesnar at WrestleMania 31, but the idea was held off because of the extremely negative fan reaction to Reigns. The rumor now is that they’ll have Reigns finally beat Lesnar at WrestleMania 34 next year, which gives them another year to try to improve the reaction to Reigns, which does not seem to be getting any better.

Here’s the transcript of what Meltzer said:

What are the chances Brock Lesnar signs next year with WWE after his contract is up?

I expect it. I expect him to have some affiliation. The whole big thing for Brock all along has been to become a monster, be unbeatable, run through everybody and then lose to Roman Reigns. That has been the idea of Brock for years now. Theoretically, next year that will actually have happened.

So at that point does Vince go, “Well, I spent a lot of money to do this. Do I need to spend millions on Brock?” I think the answer depends on how over Brock is. I can’t imagine Brock on the schedule, with the money he gets, ever turning it down, so it’s a question of if Vince feels he’s worth it. There’s a lot of different ways to answer that. If there was another viable company in this country, I would say that Vince keeps him for sure. Like if New Japan could get Brock Lesnar and Bryan Danielson next year… They can’t beat WWE and can’t be competition to WWE, but WWE doesn’t want anyone to get stronger either.

Put it this way: If I’m a betting man, I think that Vince is gonna sign him to another deal. And if there is competition, I say the odds increase even more.