The Hardy Boyz’ 2003 book, The Hardy Boyz: Exist 2 Inspire also reveals bullying by JBL.

A post on Reddit has a transcript of a couple of the “funny pranks” that JBL pulled on the Hardys. Also keep in mind that the book was written while they were under WWE contract, so it’s probably sanitized.

Page 89:

“Alright then,” Bradshaw said. “I’m going to give you boys a little assignment. I want you to buy two six-packs of beer. On the drive home, I want you to drink them and throw the bottles at road signs.”

“Okay,” I said, even though I was pretty sure we weren’t going to do it. The next day we were in Charlotte. Bradshaw pulled me aside and said, “Hizardy, your mission was fairly simple. Were you successful?”

“What’s that?”

“Did you get the beers and throw them at road signs?”

“No, man, we didn’t. We don’t drink.”

All we had to do was lie.

We should have lied. It would have been a lot easier. Bradshaw was pissed off in the worst way. For the next few weeks, we’d say hello to him and he’d just say “Go to hell.”

We’d go to shake his hand and he would look at us, not extending his hand. “Go to hell.”

Our match was next, so we went to the ring and wrestled, and when we came back, our bags had disappeared. Our clothes, our money, our credit cards, everything. The room was completely empty. Then Bradshaw came walking in and said, “What’s wrong, guys?”

(Road Dogg eventually told them that their bags were in a dumpster and they got all their stuff back.)

Page 91:

“Hizardys, I got a little something for you to do. “You guys know the Monkey Boy, right?”

Bradshaw came over to us and gave me a box of toothpicks. “Let’s just suppose you happened to take some of those toothpicks out of the box and let’s just suppose maybe you went over to the Monkey Boy’s rental car,” he said. “Then let’s suppose you happened to take those toothpicks and stuck them in the keyholes and they just happened to break off. He would probably have a pretty hard time getting in to his car, don’t you think?”