In a publicity stunt to promote their tournament, the UK wrestling promotion 5 Star Wrestling is claiming that they’re offering CM Punk $1 million to wrestle in their upcoming 128 man tournament that begins on June 10 in Liverpool, England. It’s unlikely that they’re serious and probably realize that CM Punk is very unlikely to actually return to wrestling for them, but it is decent promotion for their tournament.

Here’s what the company’s creator Daniel Hinkles told The Sun:

“We’ve been trying to contact CM Punk on and off for well over a year. We wanted him on the first show we did in Edinburgh in 2015. I’ve tried going through friends in the industry, I’ve gone through his website and sent dozens of emails but the opportunity has never been this big. “We want to offer CM Punk $1 million dollars (£770,000) to come and join the 5 Star Wrestling tour starting June 10th.

“It’s a genuine offer. We’d love to hear back from the man himself. We want to do this with him. We are hugely ambitious. When we ask the fans who they want to see, CM Punk’s name is on everybody’s wish list and we’re willing to spend big to make it happen.

“I know he is seemingly focused on MMA at the moment and this wouldn’t have to end that, but wrestling is in his blood and $1 million has to be worth thinking about.”