Big Cass suffered a legit knee injury during his match against Enzo Amore on Raw tonight.

The injury happened when Cass went for a big boot, but Enzo ducked and pulled down the top rope, sending Cass tumbling over the top to the outside and landing awkwardly on his left knee.

Cass tried to come back into the match, but was clearly favoring his knee and in pain. He body slammed Enzo then went for the Empire Elbow, but his leg gave out on him and he wasn’t able to continue, then rolled out of the ring, clearly angry and frustrated as the referee put up the X sign.

The Wrestling Observer and PWInsider are both reporting that it is a legit injury. said that Cass would get an MRI tomorrow to discover the extent of the injury:

Big Cass sustains knee injury on Raw

Big Cass suffered an injury to his left knee during the Brooklyn Street Fight against Enzo Amore on Raw, can confirm. The injury occurred after Amore dodged a big boot by pulling down the top rope, sending Cass to the floor in the process.

“It’s hard to tell what the extent of the injury is, but we’re going to send him to get an MRI tomorrow and figure that out,” said WWE ringside physician Dr. Chris Robinson.

Stay with as more details about Cass’ condition are revealed.

You can see a video below:

WWE also posted this video of Cass getting a brace on his leg and walking with crutches.