During a recent episode of The Steve Austin Show, Austin discussed a variety of wrestling related topics including if he could have succeeded in current WWE, being unhappy with Nakamura’s current booking, and if Okada would be used properly if he ever went to the WWE.

On the topic of if he could have succeeded or gotten over in the current era of the WWE, Austin hinted he likely would not especially if he debuted as The Ringmaster. He stated the main reason is due to WWE’s current creative process and was very fortunate to have wrestled in the era he was active.

“It’s the environment along with the writing [that influence whether a performer gets over nowadays]. Man, I’m glad I came around when I did. If I was to come into today’s system looking the way I looked back in the day with the buzz haircut, just walking into the doors of the then-WWF in today’s landscape, goddamn, I don’t know what would’ve happened. I think either way is tough and comparing eras is comparing eras, but they are unique in and of themselves. It’s the same business, but it has changed so much, but I liked that back in the day there was so much competition and the two biggest companies in a war. I mean, you could just go out there and try s–t. These days, not so much.”

On the topic of Shinsuke Nakamura’s booking since his Smackdown debut, Austin stated he does not like how poorly Nakamura has been used so far. He felt the “King of Strong Style” gimmick was very good and something the WWE shouldn’t have changed as part of his main roster call up.

“Nakamura has been, and that guy can work his ass off and he’s very charismatic and his push has been confusing to me. I’ll just sum it like that. It [has] been confusing. ‘The King Of Strong Style’, I love that gimmick and I love the way that sounds, but he should be mowing through people because he’s dangerous. He’s not the biggest guy on the roster, but he’s dangerous because he’s ‘The King Of Strong Style’. I’m excited about the guy. I’m just not excited about what they’ve done with him as far as booking.”

Similar to Nakamura, Austin stated he doesn’t feel the WWE would properly use Kazuchika Okada and his “Rainmaker” gimmick if Okada were to ever go to the WWE. Stated someone of Okada’s star status requires dedicated planning and direction by the WWE and feels he is someone the WWE likely wouldn’t know how to use well.

“I don’t know what they’d do with Okada. Well, I mean, Goddang, what would you do? Obviously, push him to the top! I don’t know. I really don’t know. He’s a good looking kid, and Goddang, he can work his ass off, he can sell, he can do it all. He’s just a good looking talent that can do everything. He’s a superstar over in Japan. He’s a big star over here. So I always believe you want to have the best talent you can find and put it into your company, but they just need to, if they’re going to do that, they need to know what they’re going to do with that guy.”