UFC president Dana White appeared on Good Day New York today and was asked about the rumors of Conor McGregor and WWE being in talks about a possible match at WrestleMania.

Dana White said the rumors were “absolutely not true.”

“It’s not true. It’s absolutely not true. Literally just texted Vince McMahon 5 minutes ago.”

The hosts then asked if they could see the texts on his phone and he showed them.

Vince’s text: “It’s news to me.”

Dana’s text: “I figured, you guys are always great at talking to me.”

Vince: “Any time. Although it might be good some day, but not now.”

A tabloid claimed that McGregor and WWE were “close” to signing a deal that would see him wrestle at WrestleMania.

However, there likely is some truth to the story since McGregor himself has claimed that he has had offers from WWE in the past and that there were talks ongoing. However, he said that in January. But either way, there is some interest on both sides so like Vince said, maybe some day.

McGregor’s previous comments to FOX Sports in January:

“Never say never. I know there’s been conversations. I know Triple H was at the show (UFC 205). I’d love to go to that WWE and have a real knock. Let one of them have a real knock and see what’s what. We’ll see.

“There’s conversations ongoing. I’ve turned down some things, conversations still ongoing.”