WWE WrestleMania 18 Results – March 17, 2002 – Jericho vs. Triple H

Reported by Kevin Romano of WrestleView.com

Saliva comes out and sings Superstar.
In the background they show clips of stuff that led to the current WMx8 card.

After that they show some old WrestleMania cips, with various wrestlers talking about it.

William Regal (c) vs. Rob Van Dam – WWF Intercontinental Title
Match starts off, RVD gets the 1st shot with a bunch of punches to Regal, Regal tries to find the brass knucks, RVD grabbed the brass knucks and threw them out. RVD goes to the top of the ring and tries the five star frog splash but misses. Regal gets a few 2 count pins. Body drop by RVD, 2 count on Regal. Regal gets a vertical suplex on RVD and gets another 2 count.

Regal gets a modified powerbomb on RVD, tries a submission move, RVD counters with a rollup.

RVD gets Regal in the ring corner, Regal hits a full nelson/german nelson on RVD, RVD rolls out of the ring.

Regal gets out of the ring and finds his brass knuckles, reff sees them and takes them away, RVD gets a kick to the face on Regal, followed by a five star slam and a 3 count.

Winner & NEW WWF IC Champion: Rob Van Dam

Lilian Garcia is shown talking to Christian, they talk about attacking DDP.
Says he won the match by himself, and used him to get back to his winning ways.

Says he will get the euro title back.

DDP vs. Christian – WWF European Title
Christian comes out, announcers now say he is from Tampa, FL.
Match starts, Christian shows off DDP’s Euro title. DDP gets the 1st shot.

DDP brings Christian to the ring corner, and throws some punches at Christian. Christian counters with a low blow. Christian pushes DDP off the ring. Christian kicks DDP’s chest, then starts to mock DDP. DDP counters, grabs Christians legs, Christian counters and DDPs face hits the ringpost.

Christian gets a 2 count on DDP. Christian gets on the top turnbuckle, DDP grabs Christian and throws him off. DDP gets a clothesline on Christian, followed by a powerbomb and a 2 count.

Christian gets DDP in a 2 count. DDP then gets a diamond cutter on Christian followed by a 3 count.

Winner & STILL WWF European Champion: DDP

Christian is shown having a temper tantrum after DDP says that he didn’t have one during the match is a good thing.
Rock has an interview with Coach.

Rock says that he wants Hulkamania in all of its glory, asks Hogan if he took his vitamins in the morning and asked coach if he said his prayers.

Rock tells Coach to say his prayers on his knees.
Rock asks what in the blue hell his wrong with the Coach, tells him to get outta here you sick freak.

Rock asks Whatcha gunna do when the Rock runs wild on you.

Rock says Hogan will smell what the Rock is cooking.

Maven (c) vs. Goldust – – WWF Hardcore Title
Match starts off with Goldust getting the 1st shot.

Goldust throws Maven into the security rail, then
puts Maven on the security rail, goes to the top rope and hits Maven. Goldust gets a trash can lid and hits Maven with it. Maven fights back, gets a 2 count on Goldust. Goldust goes to get a golden shovel from under the ring and hits Maven with it. Goldust grabs the trash can, and puts it between the ropes, then throws Maven into it, gets a 2 count.

Spike Dudley runs into the ring and wins the Hardcore title from Maven.

Winner & NEW WWF Hardcore Champion: Spike Dudley

Drowning pool is announced and plays “Tear Away”.

Backstage Crash is shown fighting with Spike Dudley.

Hurricane comes out and attacks Spike Dudley and wins the Hardcore Title!

Kurt Angle vs. Kane
Kurt Angle says that if he won the olympic gold medal the way canada won their medels, he would of shot himself in the head. Kane then comes out.

Kurt Angle uses the ring bell to attack Kane.
Kurt Angle hits a suplex on Kane, then gets some kicks to the head, and midsection. Kane gets up and gets some right hands shots on Angle. Kane picks up Angle by the neck and throws him down.

Angle gets a flying clothesline on Kane, Angle then gets more kicks to the head.

Angle gets a suplex on Kane, and gets a 2 count.

Angle then gets a front face lock, Kane powers out of the move.

Kane gets a sidewalk slam on Angle, Angle gets back up, Kane tries to lift up Angle, counters and gives Kane a few suplexes. 2 count by Angle.

Angle gets Kane with a clothesline, goes to the top rope and gets another flying clothesline.

Kane gets some right hand shots on Angle, Angle counters and does the same, Kane then gets a powerslam on Angle, gets a 2 count.

Kane grabs Angle and gives him a chokeslam for a 2 count.

Kane then tries to put Angle in the tombstone, Angle counters and puts Kane in the Angle slam, another 2 count. Then puts the Angle lock on Kane.

Kane gets out, Angle puts another Ankle lock on Kane, then kicks Angle in the head, both men down.

Kane goes to the top rope, Angle then hits him with a suplex from the top rope, Kane tries a chokeslam, Angle counters, gets Kane for the 3 count.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Hurricane Helms is shown trying to leave, he is in the Godfathers locker room with the women, Godfather then throws him out of the room.

Undertaker vs. Ric Flair
Undertaker is shown entering the arena.

Ric Flair gets the 1st shots on the Undertaker.

Both men leave the ring, they then fight behind the announcers booth.

Undertaker then gets out of the way and gets a rught hand shot on Flair. Both men then enter the ring. Flair gets some more right hand shots on UT. UT leaves the ring again.

Both men are now back in the ring, Flair gets some punches on the UT.

UT takes control over Flair,gets some elbow shots on Flair, then throws Flair to the ring post, Flair goes over, UT gets him with a big kick. Both men are now out of the ring. UT throws Flair on the chair, and gets a bunch of punches on Flair. Flair is now busted open. UT grabs Flair and gets more punches on Flairs head, picks him up again and gets him in the ring.

Flair counters UT with some knife edge chops. Tries to throw UT into the turnbuckle, UT counters and throws him into the turnbuckle, Flair down, UT gets some punches to Flairs head. Flair is shown with alot of blood on his face. Flair gets on the top rope, UT gets up also, UT hits Flair with more shots to the head followed by a suplex from the top rope.

2 Count by UT, UT gets out of the ring, puts Flair under the ropes and punches his head. UT gets back near the ring, and gives Flair a legdrop. UT gets a 2 count on Flair. UT gets more shots on Flairs head. Flair gets up, and goes to the corner. UT picks up Flair, hits his head again. Flair tries to fight back with some punches, followed by some knife edge shots, UT counters, Flair down again. UT goes to the top rope and walks on the ropes. Flair held on UT is down. Flair gets some more knife edge chopes on UT. UT counters with a sidewalk slam then a 2 count.

Flair gets some more knife edge chopes on UT, UT out of the ring. UT grabs a lead pipe and hits UT with it. UT is now bleeding from the head. UT then throws Flair into the safety rails. Flair grabs a medal sign and hits UT with it multiple times. Both men are now back in the ring. It is down on his knees, Flair gets some punches to UTs head. UT grabs Flair, sets him for the chokeslam, but Flair counters witha low blow. Flair takes down UT and puts the figure 4 on UT. UT breaks out of the move with a choke hold. Chokeslam by UT, UT gets back up and gets a 2 count on Flair.

UT then attacks the reff after another failed pin. UT then gets out of the ring and grabs the led pipe, Flair counters with some knife edge chops, Arn Anderson enters the ring, and hits a spinebuster on UT, Flair goes for the cover, 2 count. Arn Anderson then gets attacked by UT, UT busts Anderson opened. UT puts a choke hold on Anderson. Flair gets in the ring with a chair and hits Flair with it. UT gets a big shot on Flair, Flair is now down. UT smiles, sets Flair in a backbreakser, Flair counters, UT sets FLair for the tombstone, and gets Flair for the 3 count.

Winner: Undertaker

UT is still undefeated for WM!

UT celebrates with the Reff, Flair, Anderson knocked out.
Plug for Before they were stars.
Cole interviews Booker T.

Booker T says he was great in college and aced the SATs.

Says that Edge isn’t better then him.

Booker T vs. Edge
Both men now in the ring.

They both lock up, Booker T gets a knee shot on Edge. Edge gets a pin but Booker kicks out. Booker T throws Edge over the top rope. Booker throws Edge back into the ring, goes to the top rope and gets a dropkick. Booker T gets a few right hand shots on Edge. Edge gets back up and does the same to Booker. Booker T gets a 2 count on Edge. Booker goes to the top rope, Edge counters by running into the rope. Edge gets some chops on Booker. Edge gets on the top rope and gives a messed up hurricrana(sorry if I mis-spelled). Edge gets some quick clotheslines on Booker. Booker hits Edge, tries the superkick but Edge moves out of the way.

Edge gets a catapult on Booker, Edge then tries to get a spear on Booker, but Booker counters, Booker then does the spinaroodie. Booker attacks Edge, gets a 2 count. Edge then gets a spear on Booker, but only gets a 2 count. Edge then tries to do the spinaroodie himself, then gets the edgeacutioner(again sorry if I mis-spelled) and gets a 3 count.

Winner: Edge

Hurricane gets interviews by the Coach. They talk about the 24-7 rule, Mighty Molly comes out, attacks Hurricane and gets a 3 count…. NEW HARDCORE CHAMPION AGAIN!


Steve Austin vs. Scott Hall
Scott Hall enters the stage area, Scott Hall then calls for Nash to come out. Hall Enters ring, immediatly Austin pushes the reff out of the way and attacks Hall, Austin gets a bunch of kicks to the chest, then some knife edge chops. Austin grabs Halls head and hits it into the ringpost. Austin throws Hall to the ropes, and Hall leaves the ring. Both men out of the ring, Austin attacks both Hall and Nash. Austin grabes Hall and gets him back into the ring. Hall gives a standing clothesline to Austin.

Hall/Austin get some knife edge chops, Nash takes the cushion off the ringpost, Hall throws Austin into it back first, Austin down. Hall picks up Austin for a fallway slam, 2 count by Hall. Hall picks Austin up, throws him to the ring, Austin counters, Hall slams him to the floor, 2 count by Hall. Cheap chot by Nash. Hall stomps Austin, Nash gets another cheapshot. Austin gets a spinebuster on Hall, both men down.

Austin gets the stunner on Hall, Nash grabs reff and knocks him out, Nash enters the ring and attacks Austin. Hall gets a steel chair, Nash holds Austin, Austin gets a low blow on Nash after Hall tries to hit him with a chair. Austin gets a stunner on Nash, another reff comes, Nash takes the other reff out. Austin throws Hall over the top rope. A bunch of reff comes out and tells Nash to leave. Hall follows Nash, but Austin follows him, and throws him back into the ring. Both men back, Austin tries a stunner, Hall counters and hits Austin with the stunner. 2 count by Hall.

Austin hits Hall with a big stunner and gets the win.

Winner: Steve Austin

Dudley Boyz vs. Hardy Boyz vs. APA vs. Billy & Chuck – 4 Corners Match – WWF Tag Team Titles
Saliva comes out and sings for the Dudley Boyz entrance theme “Get the Tables”.
Match starts, Chuck/Bradshaw current legal men.
Bradshaw gets a fallaway slam on Chuck. Farooq tagged in, Chuck gets a right hand shot on Farooq, Billy gets tagged, Billy stomps Farooq, Farooq kicks out of a pin, then gets a powerslam on Billy, Farooq tags Bradshaw back into the ring.

Billy tags in D-Von Dudley, Chuck gets a spinebuster outside the ring on Farooq. 3-D on Bradshaw, APA eliminated.

Hardy Boys double team on Billy, Jeff Hardy slide kicks Bubba away from the ring. Stacy gets into the ring and shows off, Jeff Hardy shoves Stacy off the ring. Bubba Bomb on Billy. Bubba tries to choke out Jeff Hardy. Bubba gets some shots to the back of Jeff’s neck. D-von gets a cheap shot, Bubba gets a 2 count on Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardy gets a right hand on D-Von after he gets tagged in, throws him into the ring. D-Von gets Jeff into the corner and gets some punches on Jeff Hardy. Gets a 2 count. D-Von tags in Bubba. Bubba throws Jeff into the ring corner, Jeff is upside down, gets some kicks to the chest. Bubba puts Jeff in some submission move, Matt Hardy helps Jeff out of it by throwing Bubba out of the ring. D-Von tagged in. D-Von gets a spinning kick to Jeffs head, then picks him up for a small DDT, Jeff counters and gets it on D-Von. Matt Hardy tagged in by Jeff. Matt throws D-Von out of the ring, then gets Billy/Chuck out of the ring. Matt gets a legdrop from the 2nd rope and gets a 2 count on Bubba. Bubba sets up Matt Hardy, D-Von goes to the top rope, but either Chuck or Billy pushes D-Von to the table. Matt Hardy gets the swanton bomb on D-Von and eliminates the Dudley Boys.

Jeff gets a flying heel kick on Chuck. Billy gets the famoser on Jeff. Chuck gets a 2 count on Jeff Hardy. Billy hits Jeff with the tag belts, Chuck gets the pin.

Winners & STILL WWF Tag Team Champions: Billy & Chuck

Hall says to Nash that Austin was lucky. Hogan says for his match that he wants to do everything himself to prove that he is the man.
Molly is shown running, Christian closes the door on Molly, ANOTHER NEW HARDCORE TITLE WINNER!

Hulk Hogan vs. The Rock
Match starts…both men lock up, Hogan powers Rock away. Hogan tells the Rock to bring it. Headlock by Hogan. Tackle by Hogan. They lock up again, knee to the midsection by Hogan. Quick clothesline by Hogan. Rock tells Hogan to bring it. Hogan shoves Rock. Rock blocks a right hand by Hogan, and hits some of his own. Hogan over the top rope.

Hogan back into the ring. Rock with a clothesline. Rock tries the Rock Bottom but Hogan blocks it. Hogan goes for some elbow drops, and gets some right hands on the Rock. Rock takes down Hogan and hits some with some right hands. Fans boo the Rock. Hogan gets a suplex on Rock and a 2 count.

Hogan gets a cradle on Rock for a 2 count. Hogan rakes Rocks eye. Hogan gets some right hand shots on the Rock, goes to the 2nd rope and goes for some more, and bites the Rocks head. Rock throws Hogan to the corner and goes for some hard chops. Hogan powers down Rock, and then chokes him. Hogan picks up the Rock, Rock counters with a bunch of right hand shots, Hogan powers the Rock over the top rope. Both men out of the ring.

Hogan clears off the announcers booth, Rock grabs Hogan and gets some shots on him, then picks up the chair, reff takes it away, and Hogan hit the Rock with a clothesline. Both men back in the ring. Hogan sidesteps the Rock into the reff. Rock gets the spinebuster on Hogan. Both men down. Hogan gets up first, tries to pick up Rock, but Rock counters with a sharpshooter. Hogan tries to power out, but doesn’t, reff is still out while Hogan tapps out. Hold is broken, Rocky sucks chants start. Hogan gets a low blow on the Rock, and then a Rock Bottom! slow 2 count by the reff. Hogan takes his belt off and hits the Rock with it.

Rock gets a DDT on Hogan. Rock grabs Hogans belt and hits him with it. Rock gets a Rock Bottom on Hogan and only gets a 2 count. Hogan Hulks up. Hogan points to Rock, hits him with the big boot, hits the legdrop and gets a 2 count. Hogan picks up the Rock and tries another legdrop but misses. Both men back up, Rock gets a Rock Bottom, but the Rock can’t pin him. Rock picks up Hogan and goes for another Rock Bottom. Then goes for the peoples elbow. 3 count.

Winner: The Rock

Hall/Nash come out and attack Hogan, Rock comes out for the save, looks like Hogan may be gone from the nWo. Rock calls for Hogan to call for the fans. Hogan and the Rock leave together.
The Fink comes out and announces the record has been broken at the skydome today, with 68,237 fans.

Jazz (c) vs. Lita vs. Trish Stratus – WWF Women’s Title
Match starts, Lita/Trish both attack Jazz, Jazz puts a chicken wing type move on Trish, Trish is down. Jazz gets a suplex on Lita, then kicks Trish out of the ring. Lita gets a head sizzor on Jazz. Trish gets a rollup on Jazz for a 2 count. Lita gets a 2 count on Jazz. Trish gives Lita a kick to the head followed by a bulldog. Trish gets a DDT on Jazz, followed by a 2 count. Trish and Lita stare at each other then Trish slaps Lita. Lita gives Jazz a Twist of Fate. Trish gets a 2 count on Lita. Trish gets some chops on Lita. Lita pushes Jazz out of the ring. Lita goes to the top rope, Trish pushes her off. Jazz throws Trish off the ring, goes t the top rope and gets a suplex on Lita. Gets the 3 count.

Winner & STILL WWF Women’s Champion: Jazz

Christian is shown getting into his car excited, Maven comes out and steals the title from Christian.

Chris Jericho (c) vs. Triple H – Undisputed Title
Saliva is shown singing Triple H’s entrance theme. Steph McMahon walks Jericho to the ring.

Match starts, both men lock up. HHH gets a small clothsline on Jericho. Jericho then gets some chops on HHH. Jericho hits HHH out of the ring. Jericho goes to the top rope, HHH throws him off to the security rails. HHH sets up the announcers booth. Jericho kicks the back of HHH’s bad leg. Both men back into the ring, Jericho slams HHH down. HHH gets a spear on Jericho.

HHH puts the figure 4 on Jericho. Steph gets up and scratches HHH’s eye, HHH then grabs HHH by the hair, Jericho tries to stop, and Jericho/Steph fall to the floor. HHH brings Steph into the ring and tries to give her a pedigree. Jericho goes to the top rope and hits a missile dropkick. HHH is out of the ring, Steph kicks the back of HHH’s injured knee. Jericho brings HHH back into the ring.

Jericho picks up HHH’s bad knee and hits it against the floor of the ring. Jericho then sets up HHH for a figure 4 with his legs around the ringpost. Jericho gets back into the ring, HHH gets back up and gets some punches at Jericho. Jericho again focuses on the injured leg. HHH gets a right hand at Jericho, and a 2 count. Jericho tries to give HHH a bulldog, but HHH blocks it. Spinebuster, 2 count by HHH. Jericho throws HHH over the top rope, HHH injures his bad leg even more. Jericho sets up the announcers booth. Both men on top of the announcers booth, and sets up the walls of jericho. HHH fights out of the move. HHH picks up Jericho and sets him up for the pedigree, Jericho blocks and throws him over to the other announcers booth.

Both men back in the ring, Jericho hits the lionsault on HHH, Jericho gets 2, 2 count pins. HHH throws Jericho into the ringpost and tries the Pedigree, Jericho blocks and puts on the walls of Jericho. HHH tries to power out of the move. Jericho is shown bleeding in the mouth…. Jericho still has HHH in the walls of Jericho. HHH tries again to power out of the move, and grabs the ropes.

Jericho brings in a steel chair to the ring, tries to hit HHH with it, but HHH kicks the chair and it hits his face. DDT on Jericho and a 2 count. Steph gets in the ring, grabs the chair and the reff grabs the chair, tells Steph to leave the ring. HHH grabs her by the hair and sets her up for the pedigree again, but this time hits it!

Jericho gets up and hits HHH with the chair in the face, only gets a 2 count. Jericho then sets HHH for the pedigree, HHH counters tries to put the Walls of Jericho on Jericho, but blocks it, HHH hits the pedigree on Jericho AND WINS THE UNDISPUTED WWF TITLE!

Winner & NEW Undisputed Champion: Triple H