WWE Elimination Chamber Results – February 20, 2011

Event: WWE Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View
Airdate: Sunday, February 20th, 2011 (Pay-Per-View)
Location: The Save Mart Center in Fresno, Calif.

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

WWE Elimination Chamber Opener:

We get a video package to open the show as per usual. The video focuses on the road to WrestleMania, as well as the Elimination Chamber itself, billing the Chamber as a dangerous battleground.

The pyro hits and Michael Cole welcomes us to the PPV. The set has a very cool chamber theme to it, and the WrestleMania sign is highlighted pretty immediately. We open with Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer, so it’s pretty obvious who will be the first man out.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston

Del Rio makes his way out to the ring to quite a bit of heat from the crowd. The announce team tonight has been shaken up as Cole will be joined by Josh Matthews and Booker T.

Del Rio grabs the mic and informs the crowd of his name, but he’s sure the crowd is already aware. Del Rio says he’s committed to excellence, and he means it. He’s not like the people from Oakland. He talks about the Chamber match that will be taking place tonight, and says the men will endure pain, for the honor of a WrestleMania match with him. And he will be the new World Heavyweight Champion. Del Rio calls Kofi trash, and says he cannot stop destiny. Del Rio goes to say something else but he’s interrupted by Kingston’s music. Kingston makes his way out from the back to a big pop from the crowd.

The bell rings and both men lock up. Kofi pushes Del Rio into the corner and the ref forces a break. Another lock up, and Kofi pushes Del Rio back again, only for it to be broken jup. Del Rio’s announcer distracts Kingston and the ref and this allows Del Rio to take down Kofi before hitting a back breaker, and a kick to the back. Del Rio whips Kingston across the ring, but Kingston is able to reverse Del Rio and hit a dropkick to knock him down to the mat. Del Rio rolls to the outside, where his announcer fans him. Kofi follows and lays in with a big kick to Del Rio’s back before rolling him back into the ring. Kofi hits Del Rio with another kick to the spine. When he gets back to his feet, Del Rio is met with a forearm to the face.

Kofi goes to the apron, but he’s knocked into the ring post by Del Rio and sent to the floor. Kofi’s sent into the ring steps before Del Rio takes things back into the ring and locks in a body scissors. Kofi is able to fight out, but Del Rio slams Kofi down to the mat by his hair. Del Rio mounts Kofi, pulls on his hair and hits several clubbing blows to Kingston’s face before hitting a nice belly to back suplex. Del Rio locks in another body scissors, continuing to apply pressure to Kingston’s midsection. Kofi is able to fight out yet again with a series of elbows, and both men get to their feet. Del Rio sends Kingston into the corner, but Kofi leaps up to the top rope and comes off with a big flying forearm.

Kingston and Del Rio fight on their knees and up to the feet where Kofi hits a series of chops, taking Del Rio down with a big flying chop before connecting with the boom drop. Kingston postures for the crowd, but when he tries for the trouble in paradise, Del Rio moves. Kofi is able to connect with a kick in the corner, but when Kofi tries for a crossbody, Del Rio counters with a gut buster that’s good for a near fall. Del Rio puts Kingston on the top turnbuckle and tries for a superplex, but Kofi is able to fight it off and send Del Rio down to the mat. Kofi stands and delivers a big missile dropkick. Kofi goes for the pin but he only gets a two count.

Del Rio is able to connect with another gut buster, but it’s still not enough to keep Kingston down for three. Del Rio launches Kofi into the ropes and up into the air, but Kofi reverses into a DDT. Kingston covers Del Rio, but Del Rio’s announcer distracts the referee. Del Rio tries for the cross arm breaker, but he can’t get it and Kingston is able to connect with the SOS, but Del Rio kicks out at two. Kingston tries to leap up into the corner on Del Rio, but Del Rio moves and connects with a neckbreaker while Kingston’s sitting on the top rope. Del Rio locks in the cross arm breaker, and while Kofi fights it, he eventually falls and has to tap.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

– Randy Orton is shown pacing backstage before Cole asks Booker what it’s like to be going into the Chamber. Booker says Orton is always expecting the unexpected, so he’ll be ready.


Todd Grisham is standing backstage with Edge. Grisham asks if Edge will be Del Rio’s opponent at WrestleMania. Edge says he was hoping today could be casual before walking into the most hellacious match in the WWE. Edge says no Champion has ever survived a Chamber match, but he’s also won a Chamber match. He knows it won’t be a walk in the park. Drew McIntyre comes in from the side, clapping. McIntyre gets in Edge’s face and asks him how he feels about getting Kelly Kelly fired. McIntyre says Edge took something important away, and Drew will take away Edge’s most prized possession. Edge says the title and Kelly Kelly have something in common in that they’d never be seen with Drew.

World Heavyweight Championship
Elimination Chamber Match
– Edge (c) vs. Kane vs. Wade Barrett vs. Drew McIntyre vs. ???

The Chamber begins lowering, and the crowd is hushed. Kane is the first man out to the ring, as his pyro hits. He makes his way out quickly and hops right into one of the Chamber pods. Drew McIntyre is out next, to a bit of heat from the crowd. He stares at the cage and rattles some chains before walking around, and taunting Kane, telling him he will drop everyone in the match. McIntyre also enters one of the pods. Wade Barrett is the third man out to the ring. Barrett also looks around the Chamber, as he, along with McIntyre are both new to the Elimination Chamber. Barrett throws his t-shirt at McIntyre and stares down Kane before entering his own pod.

The next man out is… Teddy Long! He says, as everyone knows, he fired Dolph Ziggler. Long introduces Ziggler’s replacement, who after a little bit of a pause, is announced to be the Big Show! Show makes his way out to the ring and stares down Barrett, smiling and slapping his hand against Barrett’s pod. Show tests the chains and steps into a pod of his own.

Rey Mysterio is out next, to a big pop from the crowd. Both he and the Champion have the arduous task of making it through every other competitor in the match tonight. The Champion, Edge, is the last man out to the ring, also to a big pop from the crowd.

Edge looks at the Chamber before making his way inside. The title is displayed for the crowd, and the door is locked, we’re ready to kick things off here. The bell rings and Mysterio and Edge lock up. Edge pushes Mysterio into the corner, where he lays in with a couple of punches to the side of the head. Mysterio comes right back with a couple of kicks to Edge’s leg before falling victim to a flapjack. Edge tries for a quick cover but only gets two. Edge kicks away at Mysterio in the corner, but Mysterio comes back with a boot to the face and a dive out of the corner straight into Edge. Mysterio is able to catch Edge with another kick, but he’s launched to the outside with a back body drop, crashing off the Chamber floor. Edge goes to the top but he’s stopped by Mysterio, who connects with a top rope hurricarana for a two count.

Edge slams Mysterio into the Chamber wall repeatedly before kicking away at Rey’s chest. Edge slams Mysterio head first into Kane’s pod, and Kane doesn’t look too happy about it. Edge tosses Mysterio into the ring and tries for another quick pin, but it’s still not enough. Edge charges Mysterio in the corner but he eats a drop toe hold into the middle turnbuckle. The clock counts down and Wade Barrett is the next man to enter the match.

Barrett stomps away at Mysterio right off the bat, but Edge ducks a clothesline and pounds on Barrett in the corner before tossing Mysterio up and into Barrett. Edge and Mysterio celebrate for a second before Edge tosses Mysterio under the bottom rope where he slides into the Chamber wall. Barrett is able to attack Edge and take him out before going to the outside and bringing Mysterio back into the ring. Barrett hits a big pumphandle slam, which is good for a two count, before whipping Mysterio into the corner, and stomping away at Edge. Barrett sends Edge to the outside and slams his head into the Chamber wall before bringing things back into the ring and trying for a cover, only to get two. Barrett whips Edge into the ropes, but Edge holds on and when Barrett charges Edge, Edge catches him with a low bridge and Barrett falls to the floor. Mysterio catches Edge from behind and he goes to the top but he’s aught by Barrett. Barrett catches Rey in Wasteland position and uses Rey’s legs to hit Edge. Rey grabs on to the cage wall and he’s able to connect with a hurricarana to bring Barrett back into the ring. Rey tries for the 619, but Edge connects with a big boot to stop him cold.

The clock counts down again as Edge pound on Barrett in the corner, and Kane is the next man in the match. Kane comes in and connects with a throat chop on everyone, before Edge catches him with a boot. When Edge goes to the top and comes off though, he gets another throat chop. Kane hits Barrett with a low boot that’s good for a two count before pounding on Mysterio in one corner, and Edge and Barrett in the other. Kane hits a big boot on Edge and a side slam on Barrett but is caught with a big kick from Mysterio, then Edge, and then Barrett, who all get a two count out of it. Barrett, Edge and Mysterio all look to go for a clothesline and all connect in a very weird fashion. Kane is back up and he tosses Mysterio out of the ring before hitting Edge and clotheslining him out as well.

Kane goes to the outside as well and begins slamming Barrett’s head into the Chamber walls. Barrett tries to retaliate by doing the same, but Kane won’t let him, and slams Barrett’s head into the Chamber wall a couple more times. Mysterio goes to the top and tries to catch Kane, but Kane hits him with another throat chop and Mysterio ends up in the tree of woe, only to catch a dropkick from Edge. Kane comes back into the ring and hits another big boot on Edge before launching Barrett to the outside again. The clock counts down and the next entrant is McIntyre.

McIntyre comes in and immediately picks up Mysterio and launches him head first into the pod before teaming up with Barrett to take out Kane. When Barrett tries to get back into the ring, McIntyre kicks the rope into his crotch and launches Barrett into the other side of the same pod as Mysterio. McIntyre goes back into the ring, mounts Edge, and lays in with a series of punches before hitting a quick suplex for a two count. McItyre tries for the future shock DDT, but Edge counters with the Impaler DDT. Edge is able to make it back to his feet and he tries for the spear but Kane grabs him in chokeslam position. Edge fights out of it, and Rey almost hits the 619 on Kane, but Kane avoids it, and takes out both Edge and Mysterio before backdropping McIntyre into Barrett. Mysterio was sickly thrown head first into another pod.

The clock counts down one last time and the Big Show is the last man to enter the ring. He immediately clotheslines everyone before tossing out Edge and Kane, and chopping McIntyre out as well. Show stalks Barrett around the ring and grabs Barrett between the post and one of the pods, slamming his straight back into the pod. Barrett continues to try and get away, climbing the walls, but Show lays into Barrett with a series of nasty chops. Back in the ring, Show connects with the KO punch and pins Barrett to get three.

Wade Barrett is eliminated

Show eats a clotheline from Kane from the top rope, and a future shock DDT from McIntyre, but it’s not enough to keep him down for three. Mysterio leaps from the top of one of the pods with a seated senton, but it’s still not enough for a three count on Show.

Mysterio hits a 619 on Show and Edge follows up with a spear. Both men are then in turn taken out by Kane. Kane sets up for the chokeslam, and he connects, pinning Show and getting the three count.

Big Show is eliminated

McIntyre tries to leap off the top rope onto Kane, but Kane catches him with a chokeslam as well, and gets another three count.

McIntyre is elimnated

Kane turns to Edge and Mysterio next, but he’s not able to hit a double chokeslam. Kane tosses Edge to the outside, but Mysterio is able to counter a slam into a DDT for a two count. Mysterio connects with a springboard leg drop to the back of Kane’s head but it’s still not enough for three.

Kane tries for the chokeslam on Mysterio, but Mysterio counters into the 619. Mysterio tries for a hurricarana, but Kane stops him, only for both men to be hit with a spear from Edge. Edge pins Kane and gets the three count.

Kane has been eliminated

Kane is angry and takes out his frustrations by hitting Edge with a big boot and Mysterio, and then Edge with a chokeslam before exiting the ring. We’re now down to two men, and it’s the two who began the match.

Both men are slow to get up to their feet after the attack by Kane, and when they do, Edge tries for the spear. Mysterio counters into a roll up and he’s able to get a two count. Mysterio connects with a springboard crossbody but Edge counters into a pin of his own, only to get two. Edge whips Mysterio into the corner and he’s met with a big boot. Mysterio hits a big facebuster on Edge but it’s still not enough for a three count.

Mysterio is able to make it to the top rope, but Edge stops him with a big right hand. Edge tries to climb up as well, but he’s met with a series of headbutts. Rey leaps off the top rope but Edge catches him and hits a HUGE powerbomb, transitioning right into the pin, but Rey is still able to kick out at two. Edge picks Mysterio up and tries for another powerbomb, but Mysterio counters and sends Edge into 619 position. Edge is able to catch Mysterio by the legs and locks in a crazy submission that almost looks like an inverted Sharpshooter. Mysterio counters into a pin attempt but Edge kicks out at two.

Edge sets up in the corner and tries for the spear but Mysterio is able to avoid it, only for Edge to attempt another, and connect. Edge pins Mysterio but he’s still able to kick out! Mysterio hits Edge with a right that sends him into the ropes. Rey connects with the 619 and a springboard body press, but Edge is also able to kick out at two. Mysterio is able to send Edge into the ropes once again and connect with another 619, but Rey goes to the top rope, and when he leaps off, he’s met with a giant spear from Edge. Edge pins Mysterio, and he’s able to get the three count.

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Edge

After the match, Edge celebrates with his title for a brief moment before he’s ambushed by Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio mounts Edge and lays in with a series of punches before locking in the cross arm breaker. Edge is tapping, but Del Rio refuses to tap. Christian’s music hits, and he returns, running down to the ring where he takes out Del Rio with a big spear of his own. Christian lays into Del Rio with a big kick before launching him into the middle turnbuckle. The referees pull Christian off of Del Rio, but Christian breaks free and plants Del Rio with the Killswitch. Christian is ushered out of the Chamber, and the crowd seems excited to see him back.

Edge also apparently hits a spear on Del Rio, but it’s offscreen during a replay. Edge is handed his title again, and he’s finally able to make his way to the back for his casual Sunday.


King is shown warming up backstage and he’s approached by Matt Striker. King says he should have been excited heading into tonight, but a week ago his mother passed away, and that’s all he can think about. He realizes at the same time that he’s got to carry on and try to stay focused to try and win this match. King says he’s had a OK career, but he’s never won the WWE title, or had a match at WrestleMania, and tonight he has a chance to accomplish both. Tonight he doesn’t want to let anyone down and he wants to win this match. Striker wishes King luck.

In the Arena:

Booker T is announced, and he hops into the ring to introduce a special guest, and one of the trainers of Tough Enough alongside himself and Steve Austin. Trish Stratus’ music hits, and the Divine Trish makes her way down to the ring to a huge pop from the crowd. Booker welcomes her back, saying she looks marvelous, and asking what’s been up. Trish says they’re looking for a new breed of talent and it’s gotten Trish excited. She’s working on a new catchphrase. Trish takes off her jacket and says finally the Trish has come back to Oakland, to deliver Stratusfaction, to the millions, SUCKA! Booker insists she didn’t just say that. Booker says Tough Enough will be premiering the night after WrestleMania following Monday Night Raw. Booker asks why Trish is here tonight, and Trish says she’s here to see her friend the King win the WWE Title. Booker asks the crowd if they’re able to dig that.

WWE Tag Team Championship
– Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov (c) vs. Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel

Kozlov and Slater look to start things off. Kozlov takes Slater right down and tags in Santino, who also uses a bit of mat wrestling to take Slater to the mat. Slater locks in a headscissors, but Santino pops out, only to fall victim to a series of kicks from Slater. Gabriel tags in with a flurry of offense that’s good for a near fall, but Santino is able to tag in Kozlov, who comes in a tosses Gabriel around the ring before burying his shoulder in Gabriel’s midsection in the corner. Kozlov connects with a head butt to Gabriel’s chest, sending him to the outside, but when he tries to bring Gabriel back into the ring he’s caught with a kick to the side of the head. Slater tags in but it doesn’t last long as both members of the Corre use quick tags to continue double teaming Kozlov.

Slater tries to keep Kozlov away from his corner, but Kozlov pushes through and is able to make the tag to Santino, who hip tosses both members of the Corre before hitting the Cobra on Gabriel. Santino pins Slater, but he only gets a two count. Slater is able to tag in Gabriel who comes in with a slingshot senton but misses. Kozlov comes in and hits a big boot to Gabriel’s chest, but Slater hits the blind tag during a slam from Kozlov. Slater hits a reverse DDT and tags Gabriel back in. Gabriel hits the 450 splash and pins Kozlov while Slater knocks Santino off the apron. Gabriel gets the three count.

Winners and NEW WWE Tag Team Champions: Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater


Todd Grisham is joined backstage by the WWE Champion The Miz. Miz says it’s not 1983 when it was good to be the King, or 1999 when you could smell what the Rock was cooking. It’s 2010, and he will address the Rock soon, but he’s going to address the King tonight. Miz says tonight someone will win the Raw Elimination Chamber, and he will suffer the same fate as the King, because he’s the Miz, and he’s awesome.

In the Arena:

Vickie Guerrero comes out and asks the crowd to excuse her in a much more subdued fashion than normal. She said Smackdown suffered a horrible tragedy when her boyfriend Dolph Ziggler was fired. She says it may be true that Ziggler attacked Teddy Long, but she’s here to explain. She and Dolph were dealing with serious issues. Dolph has a temper, he was confused, and he was trying to show Vickie how much he loved her. He committed a crime of passion, and she’s here to say that Dolph is sorry. She pleads to the crowd to convince Teddy Long to give Dolph a second chance. She asks for a bit of compassion. She wants everyone to Twitter, Facebook, and call Teddy to demand a second chance for Ziggler. Long’s music interrupts Vickie.

Teddy says Guerrero is embarassing. Guerrero begs Long to hire Ziggler back. Long says he is in a hiring mood and Vickie gets very excited. Long says he didn’t hire Ziggler back, but he did hire someone else back, and he’s allowing them to thank Vickie for her time as acting GM. Kelly Kelly’s music hits and she makes her way out to the ring to a big pop from the crowd. Kelly chases Vickie out of the ring, around it, and back into the ring. Vickie tries to shaker hands, but Kelly kicks her and slams her head first into the ring before LayCool run down to the ring to break things up. They toss Kelly to the outside and slam her into the barricade, but Trish Stratus is back out of run off LayCool. LayCool don’t retreat though, but wait until Trish is distracted to slam her down to the floor. Holy thong! Trish Stratus’ thong was out for viewing. We have pics below. Back in the ring Trish begins to fight back, beating on both members of LayCool, hitting McCool with a Chick Kick, and a hurricarana on Layla before connecting with an awesome double bulldog. The crowd loves it at Stratus poses with Kelly Kelly.

WWE Championship Match
– The Miz (c) vs. Jerry Lawler

The bell rings and we’re ready to kick things off. Lawler tries for a roll up right off the bat, but he only gets a two count. Miz lays into Lawler with a series of blows to the back, but Lawler is able to come back with a backslide, then an inside cradle, both for two counts. Miz locks in a headlock and hits a clothesline. King tries to come back with a hip toss, Miz tries to counter, and Lawler finally hits a clothesline. Lawler hits a shoulderblock and a big cross body block. Lawler lays into Miz with a couple of big right hands before mounting Miz in the corner and raining down with 10 big punches to Miz’s head. Lawler is then able to launch Miz over the top rope to the outside with a big clothesline. Lawler follows Miz to the outside, but he’s distracted by Alex Riley, and this allows Miz to send Lawler crashing into the ring post. Miz hangs King up on the ring apron and hits a big running knee, but back in the ring Lawler is able to kick out of a pin attempt.

Miz continues to wear down Lawler and Riley is even able to sneak in a cheap shot, but Lawler isn’t out of it yet. Lawler blocks a punch from Miz, but when he tries to send Miz into the corner, it’s blocked and Miz hits his signature corner clothesline. Miz goes to the top, but he’s crotched by Lawler. Lawler goes up after Miz, but Miz tries to fight him off. King is able to fight back, and connect with a pretty scary looking superplex that’s good for a two count. Miz and Lawler trade blows in the middle of the ring, and King is able to connect with a dropkick. And then another. King hits a back body drop and follows it with a fist drop for a two count. Lawler goes for a slam but Miz fights out of it. Lawler goes for another fist drop, but Riley trips Lawler. The ref suspects as much and he ejects Riley from ringside. Miz charges Lawler in the corner, but Lawler moves and rolls Miz up for a two count.

Lawler tries for the piledriver, but Miz fights it off. Miz hits a big boot, but Lawler is able to send Miz to the outside with a clothesline over the top. Lawler follows Miz out, and he’s distracted by Cole yelling at him. Miz uses this as a distraction and slams Lawler into the ring apron. Miz tries to slam Lawler head first into the announce table, but Lawler blocks it, slams Miz’s head into the table, and launches Miz over the announce table, and right into Michael Cole. Lawler tosses Miz back into the ring and King goes up to the top rope, coming off with a big right hand that’s good for a near fall. Miz tries to come up with the DCF, but Lawler fights it off. Miz hits a reverse DDT, but King fights back and hits a DDT of his own.

King goes up to the middle rope, drops the strap, and leaps off with a fist drop, but when he pins Miz, Miz is able to get his foot on the rope. Lawler tries for a piledriver, but the Miz turns it into a pin. Lawler reverses, and Miz comes up with a big kick to the face, following it up with the SCF. Miz pins Lawler, and this one is over.

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: The Miz

Michael Cole looks pretty happy as he celebrates and makes his way into the ring to lift Miz’s hand. Even though Lawler may have lost the match, the crowd gives him a lot of respect in the form of a big ovation from the crowd. Lawler looks pretty flattered as he makes his way to the back.


John Cena is shown backstage enjoying a bowl of Fruity Pebbles. Todd comes in to ask him about Monday night. Cena says he’s focused on the Elimination Chamber, and tonight he feels Yabba Dabba Delicious. Grisham sends it over to Striker, who is standing alongside CM Punk. Punk says he’s batting 1.000 against Cena, as he’s up three to Cena’s zero. Punk says he can’t see Cena beating everyone in the match, and he can’t see anyone else walking out of tonight’s match a winner, except him.

WWE Championship shot at Wrestlemania XXVII
Elimination Chamber Match
– CM Punk vs. John Cena vs. John Morrison vs. Randy Orton vs. R-Truth vs. Sheamus

Randy Orton is the first man out to the ring to a huge pop from the crowd. He makes his way out and grasps the chains in his hand on his way into the Chamber. Orton poses to pop the crowd before walking into one of the pods.

R-Truth is the second man out to the ring, and he gets a little bit of a reaction from the crowd. He looks around apprehensively as this will be his first ever Chamber match. Truth dances a little bit in the ring before looking around a bit more and climbing into his own pod. CM Punk is the next man out to the ring to a fairly healthy amount of heat from the crowd. Punk eyes the Chamber, and is a little slow to make his way into the ring. Punk stares down Orton, and Orton smiles. Punk says he’ll be watching Orton in tonight’s match while he makes his way into a pod.

John Cena is the fourth man out to the ring, meaning that he will not be one of the two men kicking things off, and he will be occupying the final open pod.

Sheamus is the fifth man to make his way out to the ring, and he’s not wearing his king gear, presumably to save time. Punk taunts Sheamus as he makes his way into the ring, but Sheamus looks undaunted. John Morrison is the last man out to the ring.

The bell rings and both men lock up. Sheamus quickly pushes Morrison back into the corner, but Morrison fights him off, only to fall victim to a big shoulderblock. Another lockup and Morrison goes behind, gets an elbow to the face, and is taken down to the mat with a couple of headlock takeovers. Morrison fights off the submission attempts and Sheamus slaps Morrison in the face. Morrison snaps, unloads with punches on Sheamus and follows him to the outside with a big leaping kick over the top rope. Morrison and Sheamus trade blows on the outside, and Morrison hits a big kick to Sheamus’ head. Morrison jumps from the ropes to the side of the Chamber and leaps back off with another big kick to Sheamus’ head. Back in the ring, Sheamus fights back with a big short arm clothesline.

Morrison fights back and takes Sheamus down to the mat. Morrison goes for starship pain, but Sheamus shoves him to the outside where he crashes down on the Chamber floor. Sheamus launches Morrison into the Chamber wall before slamming his head into Kingston’s pod. The clock begins to countdown and the next participant is Randy Orton. Orton goes right after both men with clotheslines and scoop powerslams. Orton clotheslines Sheamus over the top rope and sends Morrison right into Sheamus with a big back body drop. Orton whips Morrison into one of the chamber pods before clotheslining Sheamus back into the ring. Sheamus hits his signature rope assisted DDT to the Chamber floor on Sheamus, and then turns his attention to Morrison, throwing him back into the ring. Orton stomps away at Morrison and Sheamus.

Orton picks Morrison up and places him on the top turnbuckle, hitting a big superplex. Orton covers Morrison and gets a two count. Morrison puts Sheamus on the top rope and hits another superplex. The clock begins to count down again and CM Punk will be the next entrant. Punk is stuck in his pod as the referee is having a hard time with the chain. Punk tries to fight his way out but he’s stuck in the door. Orton uses that to his advantage to pound away at Punk. Orton sends Punk into the ring and hits the RKO. Orton covers Punk and gets the three count!

CM Punk has been eliminated

The lights dim and Cole receives an e-mail from the anonymous GM. Apparently, due to a malfunctioning pod, Punk wasn’t given a fair chance, so Punk is allowed to re-enter his pod, and he will be re-instated in the match.

Punk goes back into his pod and Orton goes to work on Sheamus. Sheamus connects with the urunagi backbreaker on Orton before tossing Morrison over the top to the outside. Sheamus goes for the Irish cross, but Orton fights out. Orton ducks a bicycle kick from Sheamus but falls victim to a flash kick from Morrison. Sheamus sends Morrison to the outside and grinds his face into the Chamber wall. The clock begins to count down again and the next entrant will be John Cena.

Sheamus ambushes Cena and jumps him right in the pod, pounding down on him immediately when the pod door opens. Sheamus brings Cena into the ring and Cena fights right back. Cena goes for the AA on Morrison to the outside but Morrison lands on his feet. Sheamus takes out Cena and Morrison jumps back into the ring on top of both Orton and Sheamus. Cena back body drops Morrison to the outside and he follows, fighting with Morrison outside of the ring. Both men are taken out by Sheamus when he hits a big slingshot clothesline. Orton grabs Sheamus from behind and brings him back into the ring with a big clothesline. Orton hits a Thesz press and rains down with punches on Sheamus before hitting a knee drop. Sheamus fights back with a knee to Orton’s.

The clock begins to count down again and R-Truth will be the next man in. Sheamus tries to ambush Truth as well, but Truth avoids it and beats Sheamus down in the pod instead before hitting a hip toss on the chamber floor. In the ring Truth hits a big DDT on Orton and a suplex on Morrison before hitting a spinning elbow on Cena. Truth eats a bicycle kick from Sheamus, and he gets pinned.

R-Truth is eliminated

Morrison unloads on Sheamus and goes for the pin, but Sheamus kicks out at two. The crowd is surprisingly pro-Punk. Morrison drags Sheamus out to the chamber floor, and looks to set up for something, but Orton slams him into a pod, taking out the glass in the process. In the ring, Orton and Cena trade punches before Orton hits a beautiful dropkick. Cena kicks out of a pin attempt though. Orton stomps away at Cena’s joints, and the clock begins to count down one last time, for CM Punk. Orton looks to wait for Punk, but Cena tries to catch him from behind with the AA. Orton hits the RKO on Cena on the chamber floor, but it does damage to him. Sheamus hits the bicycle kick on Orton and Punk knocks Sheamus away, pinning Orton and getting a two count.

In the ring, Punk mocks Orton, performing the same psych up routine as Orton before he hits the RKO. Punk connects with the GTS on Orton, covering Randy and getting three.

Randy Orton is eliminated

Punk hits Cena, and then Sheamus with a high knee, but when he tries to bulldog Sheamus, he ends up being thrown into one of the pods and clotheslined hard. Sheamus and Morrison fight in the ring with Morrison hitting an awesome corkscrew kick. Sheamus tries to send Morrison to the outside and Morrison kicks Sheamus. Morrison goes to the top of one of the pods and Sheamus follows, pounding on Morrison on top of the pod and attempting the high cross on Morrison from the top of the pod. Morrison fights it off and kicks Sheamus, sending him crashing down to the mat. Morrison begins to scale to the top of the chamber before dropping down with a HUGE crossbody. Morrison pins Sheamus and gets three.

Sheamus has been eliminated

Punk and Morrison get up to their feet and Cena hits a couple of shoulder blocks before hitting his regular side belly to back slam, and the five knuckle shuffle. Punk rolls to the outside and Cena decides to follow. Cena stalks Punk and gets him in AA position, but Morrison leaps off the turnbuckle from out of nowhere, and crashes into both men.

Punk pins Cena on the outside, but he’s only able to get a two count. Punk heads back into the ring, and Morrison charges Cena, only to have Cena move. Morrison crashes into the a pod and immediately screams and grabs his knees. Back in the ring, Punk grapevines his legs around Cena’s neck and begins wearing away at him. Cena fights up to his feet with Punk on his shoulders, and Morrison leaps off the top rope with a big clothesline, still grabbing at his knee. Morrison pins both men but is only able to get a two count.

Cena hits an AA that wraps Morrison up in the ropes, and he turns right around into a big kick to the side of the head from Punk. Punk goes to the top rope and jumps off with a big forearm. Punk goes for the pin, but only gets two. Punk slingshots Cena straight into one of the pods, but the glass doesn’t really budge. Punk tries to do the same thing on Morrison, but Morrison grabs the top of the pod, jumps to the chamber wall and even tries for the starship pain in the ring. Punk moves and connects with the GTS for a three count.

Morrison has been eliminated

Cena grabs Punk and gets him in AA position. Punk grabs the ropes, so Cena hits the AA to the Chamber floor. Cena pins Punk, and this one is over.

Winner and #1 Contender for the WWE Championship: John Cena

Miz is shown backstage looking pretty upset at the idea of facing Cena, before holding up his title.

Cena continues to celebrate and Miz continues to hold up his title as the PPV goes off the air. It will be Cena/Miz for the title at WrestleMania.

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