Guess the Themes – Tag Team Edition

The Rules:

Guess the entrance theme music from the short clips below.

If you guess all three correctly and are one of the first 50 winners, your name and website will be posted below and you will be entered into our prize drawing (if you choose) for a chance at a $25 gift card for

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Guess the Themes:

These are all former WWE/WWF Tag Teams. Don’t include “The” in your answers. Spelling counts.

Theme #1:
[audio:|titles=Theme #1|artists=TPWW]

Theme #2:
[audio:|titles=Theme #2|artists=TPWW]

Theme #3:
[audio:|titles=Theme #3|artists=TPWW]

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Winners for this round will be posted right here on this page after either 50 people have answered correctly or before the next prize drawing starts.

Last Time’s Answers:

These are all current or former WWE Divas.

Theme #1:
[audio:|titles=Theme #1|artists=TPWW]

Theme #2:
[audio:|titles=Theme #2|artists=TPWW]

Theme #3:
[audio:|titles=Theme #3|artists=TPWW]

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Theme #1 Answer: Michelle McCool
Theme #2 Answer: Sable
Theme #3 Answer: Chyna

Last Time’s Winners:

Good job. You did it.

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Big John from Bakersfield, CA
Ian Daniels from Ark City, KS
Shawn Brown from Croydon, PA
nahun vazquez from Long Beach, CA –
Adrian from Georgia
Dave Donato from Windber, PA
Bob Colling from Syracuse, NY –
Ian Poole from Brereton, England
Ed from Chile
Jeremy Peacock from Fort Defiance, AZ
Alvin Clark from Raleigh, NC
Th3R0ckSays from Los Angeles, CA
Eric “Volare” Hammer from Fayetteville, NC
Goozer McDoozer from Tu Coseh Nanad
Mike Wadowsky` from Pittsburgh, PA
Kevin V from CA
Damian Muckle from Chattanooga, TN
Josh from wauseon, ohio
Nick from NJ
Ryan Gunns from Sterling Heights, MI
Domino from Baton Rouge
Tyson from Jasper,IN –
Warren L from Upstate NY
will foy from Dublin
fredrick gradington from hearne texas
Fred Hil from Delta, Ohio
Luis from Waco, TX. –
David M from Coal Township PA
Carl Hallowell from Caldwell, OH
Adam from TX
Kayla from Haverhill Massachusetts
Kenny Smell Jr. from Uniontown, PA –
Mike from Long Island, NY
Ryan West from Michigan
Superbeast from Neustrelitz. Germany
big ant from NYC
Ryan West from Michigan
Joe from Ohio
Tashekia Johnson from Detroit, Michigan
Lennon (Biggz) from Springfield, MA
philip from melbourne, australia
Jarvis Peralta from Kansas City, MO
yasmeen k from new jersey
Nick J from Chicago, IL
Steve from Lockport, Illinois
Sokhavy Bou from Atlanta Georgia USA
chris from NY