WWE WrestleMania 31 Results – March 29, 2015 – Lesnar v. Reigns v. Rollins

Event: WWE WrestleMania 31 Pay-Per-View
Airdate: Sunday, March 29th, 2015 (Pay-Per-View)
Location: Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA
Results by Matt Boone

WWE WrestleMania 31 Kickoff Show

The panel kicks off the “Kickoff Show” for this year’s WrestleMania, consisting of Renee Young, Byron Saxton, Booker T and Corey Graves. The guys talk about how excited they are for tonight’s show.

Backstage: Lana Returns

Backstage we see Lana and Rusev talking. Lana promises Rusev she will never show copassion again, basically apologizing to him for accepting the match with John Cena on his behalf a few weeks ago. Rusev promises to crush Cena tonight and kill America’s dreams.

More Kickoff Panel & Clips

Highlights are shown of John Cena’s recent appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. From there, we head back to the panel and the four talk in-depth about tonight’s U.S. title match between Cena and Rusev.

Backstage: Eden & Kane

We shoot backstage where Eden is outside Triple H’s locker room trying to secure an interview with “The Game.” As she knocks on the door, Kane walks up and warns her not to do that. He tells her to excuse him so he can prepare for the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. We head back to the panel.

Backstage J&J Security

Backstage, we see J&J Security — Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury. Noble talks about how Seth Rollins is gonna kick Randy Orton’s ass tonight while Mercury stays silent. They try to get a cup of coffee, but there’s no sugar. In walks The Stooges — Pat Patterson and Gerald Briscoe, who say they used the sugar for “Mister Mac-Mahon.” J&J Security leaves as Patterson and Briscoe call them stooges.

WWE Tag-Team Championship
– The Usos vs. Los Matadores vs. The New Day vs. Tyson Kidd & Cesaro

After more panel discussion, video packages and a quick check-in with Tom Phillips, who will be joined in the “Social Media Lounge” by Lita for a “#AskLita” segment later on in the Kickoff Show, we head to the commentary team of Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler for our first Kickoff Show match of the evening.

From there, The Usos, accompanied by Naomi, make their way to the ring. Out next are the Los Matadores, who come out with El Torito. From there, The New Day make their way to the ring. Finally, the WWE Tag-Team Champions, Tyson Kidd and Cesaro, accompanied by Natalya, make their way to the ring

The bell sounds and here we go. Almost from the very beginning, an angle was shot to explain why Jey Uso, who is dealing with a shoulder injury, won’t be able to do much in this one. Uso sells outside the ring for a while, with the announcers pointing out the fact that he’s working with a bum shoulder.

The action is all over the place from bell to bell, with bodies flying everywhere. El Torito, Naomi and Natalya all got involved at different points in the match. In the end, Tyson Kidd and Cesaro manage to score the pinfall and pick up the victory to retain the WWE Tag-Team Championships. We head back to the Kickoff Show panel.

Winners and STILL WWE Tag-Team Champions: Tyson Kidd & Cesaro

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Monday Night Football’s Jon Gruden previews this year’s Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Back in the arena, while the panel hypes up the match, the wrestlers are filtering in the ring.

The bell sounds and here we go, as everyone starts going after each other. Almost immediately, Curtis “Axelmania” Axel is put on top of everyone, crowd-surfacing all the way to elimination. That fast, folks!

Early on, the fans in Santa Clara seem to be behind Hideo Itami, with “Hi-de-o” chants. Eventually, Itami is eliminated by the Big Show.

On commentary, the announcers hard-sell the fact that despite his size and obvious advantages, Big Show has never won a battle royal or Royal Rumble match. Is that a hint of things to come? We’ll find out soon enough!

Once Itami is eliminated, Damien Mizdow becomes the crowd favorite. Cesaro nearly does the same elimination to Big Show that he did last year, but no dice. Big Show turns the table and eliminates Cesaro. Everyone boo’s.

We’re down to the final three, which are Big Show, The Miz and Damien Mizdow. It’s obvious that the fans want Mizdow to win. The Miz and Mizdow stand on one side of the ring, while the Big Show stands on the other.

Miz tries bossing around Mizdow, with the fans urging Mizdow not to listen to him. Miz pushes Mizdow around one time too many, so Mizdow yells “I Quit” and eliminates The Miz. Miz is pissed, complaining on the outside as Mizdow watches on.

Big Show just stood back and watched as all that happens and now we’re down to the final two Mizdow and Big Show. They do a couple of teases of Mizdow winning, but in the end, Big Show eliminates him. The fans boo as Big Show celebrates with the big Andre statue.

Winner of the second annual Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal: Big Show

WrestleMania 31

As the Kickoff Show wraps up, we see ladders being set up in the ring and the WWE Intercontinental Championship being connected to the hook that will hang above the ring. The first ever WWE Intercontinental Champion, Pat Patterson, is introduced. The Kickoff Show wraps up with Michael Cole informing us that the I-C title ladder match will kick off this year’s WrestleMania. Here …we …go!

Before our first match begins, WrestleMania 31 opens up with Aloe Blacc singing “America the Beautiful.” We’re moments away from the action getting underway here at the 31st annual WrestleMania pay-per-view event, live from Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California! After the song, the elaborate video package, featuring LL Cool J and others, officially opens up the show.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match
– Bad News Barrett (c) vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Dean Ambrose vs. R-Truth vs. Stardust vs. Luke Harper

After the video package, we head to the ring. Out first is Daniel Bryan, as the announcers point out the fact that this year’s WrestleMania is starting off the way last year’s ended, with the leader of the “Yes! Movement.” Bad News Barrett is out next. Dolph Ziggler after that. Stardust comes out. Next out is Luke Harper. R-Truth follows. Finally, Dean Ambrose comes out next to an insane pop from the fans inside Levi’s Stadium.

The bell rings and here we go with our first match of this year’s WrestleMania. Within seconds, we’ve got multiple dives out to the floor from R-Truth, Stardust, Dolph Ziggler and Harper.

The action continues outside the ring, where Ambrose climbs up to the top of a ladder on the floor and splashes onto everyone. Some ladders start filtering into the ring. The fans in Santa Clara and on fire, as expected.

Each guy takes turns trying to climb the ladder until finally everyone powders out of the ring and out to the floor, leaving only Stardust. Stardust goes under the ring and grabs a special ladder covered in, well, star-dust, or sparkles. Whatever.

Barrett beats down Stardust and everyone else in sight on the floor. In the ring, Harper and Ambrose battle back-and-forth for a bit until Harper drops him with a super kick. The action is too quick to keep up with, also as expected, with guys flying all over the place and non-stop high-spots taking place within each blink of an eye.

Harper cleans house by doing the helicopter spin with the ladder around his neck, until Truth finally manages to cut him off and dump him out to the floor. Stardust climbs up a big ladder on one side, Barrett climbs up the other side. Barrett hooks Stardust’s trunks and hits an amazing superplex off the ladder. The “holy sh*t” chants are right on cue. Harper powerbombs Ambrose out to the floor from inside the ring, through a bunch of ladders. The “holy sh*t” chant sequel soon follows.

Ziggler, alone in the ring, climbs the ladder right in the middle of the ring and nearly gets the title, but Barrett stops him, knocking him off the ladder with a big Bull Hammer Elbow. Barrett starts hitting the Bull Hammer Elbow on any-and-everyone in sight.

Bryan ends up on the ladder reaching for the title. Ziggler goes up to stop him. The two start trading heatbutts back-and-forth for what seems like forever. Finally, Bryan knocks Ziggler off the ladder and unhooks the I-C title. Daniel Bryan leads the fans in a giant “Yes!” chant from the top of the ladder as the brand new WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Winner and NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion: Daniel Bryan

Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton

After a lengthy video package, Seth Rollins, accompanied by J&J Security and a shiney gold briefcase, makes his way to the ring. Out next is his opponent for tonight, “The Viper” Randy Orton. Our next match here at WrestleMania 31 is officially underway!

Orton has somewhat of a new look, wearing red tights and black elbow pads on both arms, with both of his wrists and fists taped up in black tape. The crowd seems to be behind Rollins in this one, as the bell sounds to make it official.

“The Viper” controls the action early on, including his draping-DDT, only this time he did it from the apron to the floor. It isn’t long, however, before Rollins takes over control of the offense back in the ring. Rollins is taunting Orton throughout his beatdown, yelling at him that it is “his time now.”

Orton takes over for a bit. As he goes to do the draping-DDT again, this time from the apron back into the ring, Rollins turns the tide by knocking Orton out to the floor. Orton does a big springboard moonsault from the middle rope out to the floor, crashing onto Orton. That was a beautiful moonsault, by the way, which looked awesome on the slow-motion replays.

“Mr. Money In The Bank” gets Rollins back in the ring. He goes to the top, however Orton crotches him and climbs up after him. Rollins goes for a flip-over-Orton power bomb off the top, but Orton turns it into a back-body drop from the top. Orton comes flying off the top with a cross body press, but Rollins rolls through for a pin attempt. Orton kicks out at two.

Orton hits the draping-DDT off the middle rope inside the ring. Orton taps into his “Viper” mode as the fans break out into an “RKO” chant. “The Viper” pounds the mat, waiting for Rollins to get up. He goes for the RKO, but Rollins reverses it with a pin attempt. Out of nowhere, Orton hits Rollins with an RKO and immediately covers him, however Rollins manages to kick out at two.

With Rollins laid out on the mat, Orton sets up for the punt kick. As he charges after Rollins, Noble and Mercury both hit the ring, and each get an RKO for their efforts. Rollins blasts Orton with a Curb Stomp out of nowhere. He immediately covers Orton, but this time “The Viper” manages to kick out at two.

Rollins goes for a big move off the top, but Orton avoids it. Orton goes for an RKO, but Rollins avoids it. Rollins goes for the Curb Stomp, but as he goes to do it, “out of nowhere,” Orton pops up and while Rollins is in mid-ar, Orton nails him with an RKO. 1-2-3. That was insane. “The Viper” picks up the “W.”

Winner: Randy Orton

Sting vs. Triple H

After an elaborate video package airs, it’s time for our next match — Sting vs. Triple H. As expected and as reported over the past week or so, Sting had a sick ring entrance, with people painted up playing the drums on stage to the beat of his theme as he makes his way down to the ring to a huge pop from the fans inside Levi’s Stadium.

From what we hear, Triple H’s entrance is supposed to be even more awesome. Sting is finishing up his entrance inside the ring now, so we’re just seconds away from Triple H’s supposed bad-ass entrance. “This isn’t Starrcade, this is WrestleMania,” says JBL. Gee, I wonder who fed him that line?

As the fans chant “Sting! Sting! Sting!” in the ring, we cut to a video, which is part of Triple H’s entrance. It’s imagery from the new Terminator movie, which we also reported about over the past few weeks. From there, we shoot back live inside the arena, where we see a bunch of Terminator robots. A cool thing happens where we see through the eyes of the Terminator view, coputerized-style, with the Terminator theme playing. The computer eyes scan through the WWE roster and stops on Sting, when up pops Triple H in somewhat of a Terminator outfit. It’s similar to his old-school king outfit from last year, only silver and robot-like. He pops up from the floor wearing that as smoke fills the stage. We cut to a video of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his Terminator character. “WrestleMania. Judgement day is here. It’s time to play ‘The Game.'”

Once that is done, Triple H’s real theme hits and he takes part of the Terminator costume off, except the mask and a handful of Terminator, robot skulls he’s holding in each hand. He drops them, takes the mask off and begins his walk to the ring. That was a super bad-ass entrance. I mean, super bad ass.

Both guys are finally in the ring and it’s finally time for Sting’s first ever match in World Wrestling Entertainment. This is history in the making, folks!

The fans are going absolutely insane right now as Sting and Triple H circle each other. The bell sounds and here we go. The fans are already chanting “this is awesome” and the two haven’t even touched yet.

The two lock up. Sting throws Triple H into the ropes and shoulder-blasts him down to the mat. Sting beats his chest like a caveman and does his “Owwwww!!” to the crowd, and the fans in Santa Clara do it right back to him.

Sting and Hunter lock up again. This time, HHH gets behind Sting and takes him down to the mat with a headlock. HHH holds Sting in the headlock as Sting slowly works his way back to his feet. Sting throws Triple H into the ropes again and this time HHH shoulder-blasts Sting to the mat. Sting, however, dropkicks HHH down to the mat. HHH looks up from the mat confused as he can’t figure out how Sting is dominating him with ease.

The fans erupt in “you still got it!” chants directed at Sting as HHH stares at him, clearly trying to figure out what to do with “The Vigilante.” HHH finally fires off some punches, knocking Sting down to the mat. He hits Sting with an atomic drop, but Sting no-sells it, beats his chest and “Owwww’s” again. HHH, frustrated, rolls out to the floor.

The action goes out to the floor now, as Sting chases HHH around the ring. With his back aganist the barricade, HHH watches on as Sting charges at him. Sting goes for the Stinger Splash, but HHH moves and Sting crashes and burns. HHH whips Sting into the ringside steps and then drags him hair-first back into the ring.

From there, HHH dominates the action for a while until out of nowhere, Sting fights back and locks HHH in the Scorpion Death Lock. As he applies the hold to HHH, the D-Generation X theme music hits and out to the ring runs Billy Gunn, Road Dogg and X-Pac. Sting lets go of HHH and one-by-one, knocks the D-X members out of the ring. Sting turns right around into a Pedigree attempt from HHH, but Sting avoids it. With all four D-X members out on the floor, Sting heads to the top rope and flies out to the floor, splashing on all four guys.

The “this is awesome” chant spread throughout Levi’s Stadium as Sting throws HHH back in the ring. The D-X members hop on the apron for another distraction, resulting in Sting knocking them off and turning around into another Pedigree attempt. This time, HHH hits Sting with the Pedigree and immediately goes for the pin, however Sting kicks out at two.

Triple H, frustated again, goes out to the floor and under the ring, grabbing his trademark sledgehammer. As he enters the ring, the nWo theme music hits and out comes Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. The fans in Levi’s Stadium go absolutely nuts. D-X, on the floor, watches on as the nWo makes their way down the ramp. HHH, in the ring, looks bewildered.

The nWo and D-X members slug it out on the floor outside the ring, with the nWo quickly getting the better of it. Off the distraction, Sting nails HHH with the Scorpion Death Drop. He goes for the pin, but HHH kicks out at two. Sting gets HHH in the Scorpion Death Lock. HHH crawls to the sledgehammer, which is still in the ring, however Hulk Hogan grabs it and takes it out of the ring.

As Sting keeps HHH in the Scorpion Death Lock, the nWo and D-X members continue to battle outside the ring. We shoot back into the ring and see HHH still stuck in the Scorpion Death Lock. The fans chant “tap! tap! tap!” as HHH screams in pain. Finally, HHH makes it to the ropes, which prompts the referee to force Sting to break the hold.

Sting goes to put HHH back in the Scorpion Death Lock after dragging him back into the center of the ring, however out of nowhere, Shawn Michaels hits the ring and super kicks Sting. He does the D-X crotch chop, while wearing a D-X shirt, by the way, and leaves the ring. HHH rolls over and covers Sting. 1-2….Sting kicks out, as the fans inside Levi’s Stadium absolutely explode with excitement.

“This is awesome” chants fill the arena again as Sting and HHH both slowly try to make their way back to their feet. Billy Gunn, from the floor, hands the sledgehammer to HHH. HHH stands up and has the sledgehammer in his hand. Scott Hall, however, hands Sting the bat just as HHH got close to Sting. Now, both standing, HHH has his sledgehammer and Sting has his bat. Ladies and gentlemen, whoever the agent was for this match deserves a raise, because they sure used the “bells and whistles” to their advantage tonight.

Sting slams his baseball bat onto the stick part of HHH’s sledgehammer, breaking it in half. HHH looks scared now as he’s weaponless. Sting drops his bat and goes after HHH, firing away at him with punches in the corner. Sting does his chest-beatnig caveman thing again and then flies into the corner, blasting HHH with a Stinger Splash. He yells at him to get up. He goes for another Stinger Splash, but this time Sting runs right into a shot from the head of the sledgehammer, which HHH picked up and vlasted Sting with. 1-2-3. Sting wins. So, it’s pretty likely Sting is going to do at least one more match. What an awesome spectacle here at WrestleMania 31. “And the right side won again,” says JBL as HHH’s music plays and D-X stands with him in the ring, while nWo tends to the fallen Stinger.

Winner: Triple H

After The Match:

After the match, as D-X and HHH stand together on one side of the ring and Sting and nWo stand on the other. HHH tells D-X to back up. He walks towards Sting and extends his hand. Sting walks away from the nWo and gets close to HHH. The two shake hands and exchange some private comments to each other off-mic. D-X and HHH leave. And that ends what will clearly be a highlight of this year’s WrestleMania and a “moment” that will live on forever.

Backstage: Maria Menounos Interviews Daniel Bryan

Backstage, Maria Menounos is with the new WWE Intercontinental Champion Daniel Bryan. Before Bryan can say much, Pat Patterson walks in and congratulates him. Bryan thanks Patterson for pioneering the title. In walks Roddy Piper. “Just when I think I’ve got all the answers, you keep changing the questions!” He kisses Piper on the head. In walks Ricky Steamboat, who also has some kind words for him. Ric Flair is next, and he walks in and gives his “good job” speech to Bryan as well. Flair does his “WOOOO!” which leads to the fans doing it as well. He keeps doing the “WOOO!” so everyone else takes turns doing it too. Bret Hart walks in and also congratulates Bryan. All of them do the “Yes!” chant, hand-gesture and all, together, when in walks Ron Simmons. He does his “Damn!” and walks away, as Bryan, Menounos and the legends finish the segment doing the “Yes!” chant again.

The Bella Twins vs. AJ Lee & Paige

After a performance by Kid Ink, who sings the WrestleMania theme song live, we head back to the ring for our next match. After the elaborate video package, it’s time for our Divas match of the evening.

Out comes The Bella Twins and AJ Lee and Paige, who are set to go toe-to-toe in Divas tag-team action. The bell sounds and here we go.

Throughout the match, no team clearly establishes control for any serious length of time. The action is back-and-forth throughout the entire contest, with the finish seeing AJ lock Bella in the Black Widow. Bella taps out. AJ Lee and Paige wins.

Winners: AJ Lee & Paige

WWE United States Championship
– Rusev (c) vs. John Cena

After this year’s WWE Hall Of Fame class is honored in front of 70,000+ rowdy fans in Santa Clara, we shoot to the Rusev vs. John Cena video package. Our WWE United States Championship contest is up next.

After the video package, we shoot back live inside the stadium. We see a bunch of Russian soldiers marching down the ramp holding the Russian flag, led by Lana, who is smiling ear-to-ear while holding the U.S. title. While all of this is going on, the Russian national anthem is playing. Think Ivan Drago and Rocky IV (which their entire gimmick is based off of, by the way). A giant tank with a Russian flag on it rolls out with Rusev standing on top of it. Colored smoke billows out of it as he waives the Russian flag and the boo’s echo throughout Levi’s Stadium. Very “grand” entrance for the Bulgarian Brute. The anthem dies out and Rusev’s regular theme hits as he makes his way to the ring.

An elaborate pro-America video package plays for a solid minute or two, with historical U.S.A. moments and then finally, we shoot back into the stadium where we hear John Cena’s theme song playing. The fans immediately start doing the “John Cena sucks!” singing chant as he makes his way out with a stone-look on his face.

Cena sprints to the ring and does his usual entrance stuff. Rusev holds up the U.S. title as he is introduced by Eden. Cena is introduced next and again the fans boo loudly. The bell sounds and here we go with our U.S. title match of the evening.

Early on, Cena dominates the action, however it doesn’t take much time for Rusev to take over control of the match. Rusev dominates on offense for quite a while, with the crowd staying hot throughout the match thus far.

John Cena starts making a comeback, but Rusev cuts him short with a big super kick to the face. The fans start ignoring the action in a sense, as they loudly chant “Let’s go Lana!” over and over again as Lana simply stands outside the ring watching the action like everyone else.

As Rusev continues to deliver punishment, Cena buys himself some time and heads up to the top rope. Cena comes flying off the top with a big leg drop to the back of Rusev’s neck. Both guys are downnow. Cena is first to his feet. Rusev is back up now too, and the two begin trading punches with the crowd boo’ing when Cena lands a shot at “Yay’ing” when Rusev lands one. These fans apparently hate Cena so much that they’re willing to ignore the anti-U.S. stuff from the pro-Russian “super-athlete.”

Out of nowhere, Cena manages to lock Rusev in the STF. Rusev struggles in the hold for a while. Out of nowhere, Lana, from the floor, throws one of her shoes in the ring. Finally, Rusev makes it to the ropes, forcing the referee to break the hold. The referee kicks Lana’s shoe out of the ring, so I’m not sure what the point of that was.

Rusev, for the first time ever according to the announcers, comes off the top rope with a big move on Cena. Rusev goes to lock Cena in The Accolade, but Cena avoids it. Cena runs and hits the middle rope and jumps off backwards, catching Rusev with somewhat of a backwards “Stone Cold Stunner.” That might be the most impressive thing Cena has ever physically done in the ring. That was awesome.

The action continues, however, as Rusev kicks out of the follow-up pin attempt. Rusev blasts Cena with a super kick and then finally manages to lock Cena in the Accolade. The announcers sell the fact that “Cena is fading,” however Cena powers up to his feet and runs into the turnbuckles in the corner backwards, knocking Rusev off of his back.

Now, Cena locks Rusev in his ground submission hold, the STF. Rusev struggles to crawl to the ropes to break the hold, but Cena voluntarily lets it go. Lana is on the apron. Cena is distracted by her. Rusev runs at Cena, but Cena moves and Rusev knocks Lana off the apron. Rusev turns around into an Attitude Adjustment from Cena. 1-2-3. Cena is the new WWE United States Champion and Rusev has lost his first match via pinfall.

Winner and NEW WWE United States Champion: John Cena

After The Match:

After the match, we see the trainers checking on Lana outside the ring. She’s either selling an injury, or has an ankle, foot or leg injury of some kind. Cena hugs Arnold Skaaland’s widow at ringside, as well as his own father. Meanwhile, Rusev scolds Lana, who is still on the ground being worked on by trainers, with what appears to be a smile on her face for no reason, but not in a way that she’s doing an evil smile, just a weird smile for no reason. Either way, Rusev storms off, leaving Lana by herself. The trainers help Lana to the back.

In-Ring Segment: Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, The Rock & Ronda Rousey

Back live inside the ring, The Authority, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are announced. Stephanie begins, saying everyone in the stadium set a new attendance record of 76,976 fans. HHH takes over, doing a big heel promo about beating Sting and talking about how The Authority always wins.

As HHH continues to brag we hear, “If ya smell…..” and whatta ya know? The Rock traveled from New York after doing Saturday Night Live last night all the way to California for WrestleMania, as “The Brahma Bull” electrifies 76,976 fans (according to WWE, which is obviously not true), as he makes his way to the ring.

The “Rocky! Rocky!” chants break out inside Levi’s Stadium as The Rock holds a mic and his music dies down. Triple H looks at him with a confused look on his face.

The Rock says he was born in East Bay. He says he’s an East Bay boy. He tells The Authority that they don’t own the people, and they damn sure don’t own The Rock. The Rock says Triple H can go backstage and dress up like the Terminator again, or we can create history right now. The Rock alludes to wrestling Triple H. Triple H gets in Rock’s face.

HHH, while staring right in Rock’s face, damn near nose-to-nose, says they had a hell of a rivalry, but as he remembers it, he kicked Rock’s ass most of the time, so he claims he has nothing to prove. HHH walks off, but Rock stops him, by telling HHH he has no balls.

With that said, HHH takes his jacket off and prepares to fight. Rock bounces around ready to fight as well. Before anything happens, Stephanie tells HHH to hold on. Steph says if it wasn’t for the McMahon’s, there would be no Rock. She talks about the history of WWE making The Rock’s relatives famous, his grandfather, his father, etc.

Rock makes a joke about McMahon’s and Johnson’s, a play-on-words type of thing, which prompts Steph to slap the hell out of him. Steph gets in his face and asks him what he’s going to do about it. She asks if he’s going to hit a woman. She yells at him to get out of her ring. She mocks Rock as he starts to get out of the ring. Rock heads out of the ring.

Rock goes to leave, but Steph keeps mocking and taunting him, so instead he walks around the ring. The fans already realize what’s up, as Rock walks part Ronda Rousey. The fans chant “Ronda Rousey! Ronda Rousey!” Rock stops next to her and waives her over the barricade.

Rock and Rousey head back into the ring together. The fans are going completely nuts. The fans chant “Ronda’s gonna lill you” and “This is awesome” as Rock and Rousey stand down HHH and Stephanie.

The Rock says he would never hit a woman, but he has a friend who would. Steph tells Rock that he had his little surprise and that’s great, but she tells Rock that she and Rousey are actually friends. She tells Rousey to tell Rock that they’re friends. Steph tries to suck up to Rousey, calling her the “Queen of the Octagon” and “the most dangerous un-armed woman in the world,” before turning cold again and telling Rousey to get the hell out of her ring.

Rock hands Rousey the mic. Rousey says, “You need to understand something, Steph. Any ring I step in is mine.” She tells Steph, “If you want me to leave, how about you make me?” The fans “ooh” and “ahh” at that. Steph gets a serious tone in her voice and says, “Ronda, I said get the hell out of my ring — NOW!”

The Rock gets back on the mic. “Excuse The Rock for one second.” He tells Stephanie what the look in Rousey’s eyes means. Rock warns Steph about how bad Rousey is gonna beat her ass.

HHH gets fed up. He says he’s tired of hearing bad things about his wife. Rock starts firing away at HHH with punches. Rousey arm-drags HHH out of the ring. Steph grabs Rousey from behind. Stephanie goes to do her trademark bitch-slap to Rousey, but Rousey catches her arm and yanks on it as the announcers say Rousey might break Steph’s arm. Steph gets the hell out of dodge as Rock gets back on the mic.

The Rock says that’s the biggest “WrestleMania moment” of the night, before closing by saying, “If ya smell what The Rock and Rousey is cookin’!”

Bray Wyatt vs. The Undertaker

Up next is Bray Wyatt vs. The Undertaker. After a lengthy video package telling the story of this feud airs, we head back into the stadium.

First out is Bray Wyatt, who has a dark and ominous entrance, which is pretty bad ass. Out next is the legend and walking WrestleMania myth, The Undertaker, who as usual, has a bad ass entrance himself.

Once both guys are in the ring, the fans explode with passion and excitement. The bell sounds and here we go. Undertaker is back to his short hair look, by the way.

Wyatt immediately charges at Undertaker as soon as the bell sounds, however ‘Taker catches him coming in with a big boot to the face that drops the master of the “Sister Abigail” finisher.

Undertaker is controlling the offense early on, as he goes up and walks across the top rope. Undertaker hits his “Old School” spot, which brings the fans in Santa Clara to their feet.

The action spills out to the floor where Wyatt takes over the offense. Back in the ring, Wyatt continues to go to work on ‘Taker as the fans continue their seemingly non-stop “Under-Taker! Under-Taker!” chants.

The action continues, with Wyatt going to work on ‘Taker for quite a while before “The Dead Man” finally starts displaying some signs of “life.” Taker tries to make a comeback, but Wyatt cuts his offensive attempts short.

“The New Face of Fear” continues his dominance until finally, ‘Taker gets in some shots and starts to turn the tide. Taker hits the Tombstone Piledriver on ‘Taker and covers him, 1-2 ….Wyatt kicks out. Taker looks shocked.

Wyatt starts fighting back and out of nowhere, he hits his Sister Abigail finisher on Taker. Taker, much like Wyatt earlier, kicks out, resulting in Wyatt sitting with a look of shock on his face.

Taker gets Wyatt with another Tombstone, but again, Wyatt kicks out. Wyatt again gets Taker in a position where he feels he’s got the job done, but Taker sits up in trademark Undertaker-style, resulting in Wyatt looking totally shocked. Finally, Taker hits another Tombstone and crosses Wyatt’s arms. 1-2-3. Taker wins. Taker does his trademark pose to the heavens as his music plays and the fans go nuts.

Winner: The Undertaker

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
– Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Roman Reigns

After a lengthy video package for tonight’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship main event, Roman Reigns’ theme music hits and out he comes. Reigns makes his longest walk to the ring ever, as he comes through the crowd as usual here in Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

Next, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion’s music hits and out comes Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman. The two make their way to the ring for tonight’s WrestleMania main event.

Lilian Garcia does the introduction for Reigns. Heyman, however, does the introduction — to a huge pop from the fans in Santa Clara — for Lesnar. The bell sounds and here we go.

As soon as the bell rings, Lesnar and Reigns get after it while the fans in Levi’s Stadium go absolutely insane. Within the first minute of the match, Lesnar hits Reigns with his F-5 finisher, however he decides not to try and finish him. Instead, Lesnar opts to continue delivering punishment.

Lesnar rocks Reigns with a German suplex. Reigns starts fighting back and the fans boo like crazy as he does. Lesnar starts smiling like he likes it. Lesnar blasts Reigns with another German suplex, which results in Heyman wearing a big smile on his face as we see on camera.

Lesnar nails Reigns with a couple more German suplexes and then yells “suplex city, bitch!” off-camera. The announcers reference it, but skip repeating the “bitch” part. Reigns tries fighting back with punches, but Lesnar nails him with a fifth German suplex.

Reigns tries fighting back again, but Lesnar has found his grove and is now dominating the future Samoan star. Lesnar continues to look at Reigns with a sadistic smile on his face. Reigns tries fighting back from the apron, but Lesnar — viciously and violently — knocks Reigns down to the floor.

Lesnar is completely in control now, dominating the offensive action in the match for several minutes until finally, Reigns blasts Lesnar into the ring post on the floor. The shot busted open Lesnar and gave Reigns his first clear advantange in the match.

Back in the ring, Reigns blasts Lesnar with the Superman punch. He hits Lesnar with a Superman punch again. The fans are boo’ing like crazy as Reigns takes over control of the offense. Lesnar tries fighting back, however Reigns blasts Lesnar with a third Superman punch. Reigns’ Superman punch count is getting close to Lesnar’s German suplex count.

Lesnar again tries fighting back, but Reigns blasts him with a spear out of nowhere. Brock again tries mounting some offense, but again Reigns nails him wirh a spear. Reigns goes for the pin, however Lesnar kicks out.

Reigns tries to continue his offensive assault, however, Lesnar catches him out of nowhere with an F-5. Both guys are laid out and then out of nowhere, Seth Rollins’ theme hits. Rollins sprints to the ring with his Money In The Bank briefcase.

Rollins hands his briefcase to Lilian Garcia, who gets on the mic and makes it official — this is now a triple threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

The bell rings again to kick off what is now a triple threat match. Rollins hits a Curb Stomp on Lesnar. Rollins goes for another one, but Lesnar picks him up for the F-5. Reigns spears him out of nowhere. Rollins hits another Curb Stomp, this time on Reigns, and pins him. 1-2-3. Ladies and gentlemen, Seth Rollins is the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Winner and NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Seth Rollins