Ryback Reveals Comment Triple H Made To Him That ‘Hurt His Feelings’

During the latest edition of his podcast, Ryback talked about the Triple H comment that hurt him, saying that Triple H told him that WWE would eventually have to “pull the plug” on Ryback. Here are the highlights…

On Avoiding a Release After His Ankle Injury: “I was maybe awake for like an hour after surgery. Who do you think calls me at the time who was in charge? Yep, John Laurinaitis who was in charge at the time. And the phone call was being recorded. I could hear the echo on the phone. Yeah, to this day. And he was like, ‘well, we did everything we could to get you better, right? Right?’ and was asking me questions and I wouldn’t answer because I knew. I was like, ‘they’re going to f–king fire me.’A couple of months went by and it was when Chris Masters, Johnny Prime, and I forget, there were a couple of other people released. They had all been released during the day. I was the last one, I guess, because I was keeping up with all of it at the time. I was in Gold’s Gym in St. Petersburg, Florida. I get a call from John Laurinaitis and he tries to fire me while I’m still f–ked up with my ankle injury.” Ryback recalled, “and I have to stop and cut a 20 minute promo on him on how he’s not firing me and telling him everything that I’ve been through.”

On Hiring Attorneys: “I had to get attorneys and look into all of this at this time because now I knew they just tried to fire me. So then, the next step was then they try to put me in developmental again and leave me in developmental rather than bring me back to the main roster because before I was on the main roster.” Ryback continued, “I never had to wrestle another day in my life if I didn’t want to. The lawsuit we could have brought to WWE could have brought them to their f–king knees based on the ankle and how this was handled from beginning to end. Deep down I knew that by getting attorneys and fending for myself and having the courage to have an opportunity to live my dream, they were forever going to f–k with me. So that is what I was playing with my entire career.” Ryback exclaimed, “they can deny this all they want, but this is f–king the truth. They wanted to f–k with me based on everything from that.”

On What Triple H Said To Him: Hunter, who was starting to gain more control over developmental at that time period, was coming to FCW a little bit. That’s when I think the wheels were kind of turning as far as him getting more and more involved in developmental. He comes up to me. He goes, ‘oh, how are you doing?’ I go, ‘I’m feeling good – I’ve finally got the metal taken out of my leg.’ He goes, ‘ah, eventually, we have to pull the plug on you.’ His exact f–king words. Hunter, Triple H, f–king, ‘eventually, we have to pull the plug on you’ [were] his exact words. So to remind you, by the way, and I’ve talked to other people that know me. Like, growing up, he was one of the few guys I actually really liked and I don’t want to say ‘looked up to’, but I liked his character and I liked the whole deal. So then, this guy who is now the boss, looks at me, ‘oh, eventually, we have to pull the plug on you.’I’ve never felt more let down in my life than that moment right there when he said those words. ‘Eventually, we have to pull the plug on you’ in a high pitched voice. And ‘eh, eventually, we have to pull the plug on you’. I just sat and stared at him in complete confusion and like and just ‘what the f–k?’” Ryback reflected, “it f–king not only hurt me, but it also lit a f–king fire under me that I am playing with the devil in all of this and that woke me up. That’s when everything [changed]. Whatever mark was in me at that point left that f–king moment in time. I was like, ‘f–k this – I’m now dealing with this piece of s–t across the board this entire company?’ That’s what changed my whole outlook on the wrestling business forever.”

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