Rumor: RAW Women’s Fatal 4-Way Match Planned for SummerSlam

WWE is currently considering the idea of having a Fatal Four-Way match for RAW’s Women’s Championship occur at next month’s SummerSlam, according to the Wrestling Observer Radio.

When discussing the decision to do a Fatal Five-Way Elimination match at WWE Battlegrounds for a new number one contender for Smackdown’s Women’s championship, Dave Meltzer revealed WWE is also currently planning on doing a multi-women’s match for SummerSlam as well.

Meltzer explained a possible reason why WWE likes to book multi-person matches more often now is due to them wanting to protect certain stars from suffering a pinfall or submission loss and not wanting to invest in the time needed to build strong storylines for feuds and individuals.

“Well, you know, that’s what they’re doing a lot of right now. The thing with multi-person matches is you can always gimmick the finishes so nobody has to lose and it’s easier for the bookers when you do that and plus when you have multiple person matches, inherently you’re not going to do strong personal storylines so you don’t have to worry about writing good stories because you know, you can do a little heat where they’re all mad at each other, but that’s all you can do in a multiple person match.”