Neville Update: More Possible Reasons for Leaving + More Info posted their own update on the Neville situation today and according to their sources, he didn’t walk out before Raw began because he was never there to begin with. They also corroborate the story that Neville was due to face Enzo Amore at Raw, but plans were changed to Kalisto when it became clear that Neville was not showing up.

They also go into some of the reasons as to why Neville could have done this, with two sources citing that Neville hoped to build his name outside of WWE in the independent scene or possibly New Japan.

Another possible souring point was that he wasn’t on the WrestleMania 33 DVD due to his match against Austin Aries being on the pre-show, thus not receiving any royalties from the sales of what is typically the biggest selling DVD of the year. This was also reportedly one of the reasons that Austin Aries requested his release earlier this year.

Neville still hasn’t been released, so this is a developing story until the release is granted or WWE and Neville work things out and he returns.


By Triple A

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required) is reporting that Neville did actually walk out before Raw began once he found out that he was to lose to Enzo, so there are conflicting stories.

The decision to put the title on Kalisto instead was made at the last minute by Vince McMahon “because nobody could come up with a better idea,” according to Dave Meltzer. As of now, the plan is to put the title back on Enzo Amore at the TLC PPV.

Neville’s future is still up in the air, but Meltzer’s sources say that the belief within the company is that he’s gone, with one person close to the situation saying that he’s “100% gone.”

WWE’s official line is still that Neville did not quit and is still with the company, however. But of course, that could just mean that nothing has officially been decided, and it is still entirely possible that things are worked out and Neville ends up returning.