India Today held a recent interview with Sasha Banks discussing Survivor Series, being a face star on RAW, and advice for aspiring female wrestlers.

On the topic of being on Team RAW and next week’s Survivor Series, Banks stated her main goals are to be the person who wins the Women’s Survivor Series match and prove why the RAW brand is the best brand for women’s wrestling in the WWE.

“I plan to win the Survivor Series and show that Raw is the better division. I think all the women are great, but right now at Raw we are killing it. We have such incredible women we have in the company at the moment. We have Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax, myself and Bailey, Alicia Fox, even though she is a crazy captain. I don’t think SmackDown has seen a team quite as dominant as us. So, come Survivor Series we plan to take on all, not only the women’s division, but the whole Raw brand.”

On the topic of being a face star on RAW compared to being a heel star on NXT, Banks stated it is something she doesn’t worry about and instead is more focused towards putting on great matches and becoming a big star in the WWWE.

“I just feel that I am just being myself. Even if I am a ‘baby face’ or a ‘heel,’ I am still Sasha Banks. I go out there and do my best like I always do. I don’t need to put a title on it, if am being a bad guy or a good guy, I am just going to be Sasha Banks. I am going to put on great matches, I am going to make history, and I am going to be the face of the company. That’s what I was doing down in NXT, that’s what I am doing on the main roster.”

Later in the interview, Banks offered some advice to aspiring female wrestlers who want to be in the WWE. She mentioned the most important thing is to never give up your dreams and how the current generation is helping to change the perception of women’s wrestling in the WWE.

“My advice to her and all women who want to be in the WWE, would be never give up, keep following your dreams . We have shown here that anything is possible, we are making history and we making people care about women’s wrestling. We used to see a lot of little boys in the audience, but now we can see a lot of women and little girls come out and see them dressed up as their favorite wrestlers. They come dressed as Bailey or like me. It is crazy to see the growth of how many little girls to WWE shows and how excited they are every time we make our entrance.”