WWE: Survivor Series for $24.99? Owens Praises Dream, Wolfe Bloodied, 2K

WWE “Offering” Survivor Series for $24.99 for Some Reason

WWE is seemingly trying to rip stupid people off by sending out an email to some people with a “promotional offer” saying that you can order Survivor Series on WWE Network with “no monthly subscription required” for $24.99. So rather than paying $9.99 then just canceling, you can pay a “one time fee” of $24.99.

Velveteen Dream

Kevin Owens praised Velveteen Dream on Twitter after his excellent match against Aleister Black at TakeOver last night. Velveteen Dream is so good… He’s just 22 years old and was a former Tough Enough contestant.

Alexander Wolfe Busted Open

Alexander Wolfe was busted open pretty badly in the WarGames match after hitting a top rope German suplex on one of the Authors of Pain through a table.

WWE 2K 18 Downloadable Characters

WWE 2K 18 will be releasing their first downloadable characters on Tuesday called the “NXT Generation Pack.” It will include Aleister Black, Drew McIntyre, Elias, Lars Sullivan and Ruby Riot.