Lashley and EC3 Expected to Leave Impact, May Sign With WWE

Bobby Lashley and Ethan Carter III are expected to leave Impact when their contracts expire (no word on exactly when that is), according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The expectation is also that one or both of them will end up in WWE.

Eddie Edwards is another top Impact name who is in a similar situation and whose name has been thrown around as a future possibility in WWE.

Impact has been attempting to cut costs and will likely offer lower-paying contracts in the future, which will likely cause some of their higher-paid veterans to leave.

Lashley was part of WWE from 2004-2008 before signing with TNA in 2009.

EC3 was involved with WWE as early as 2003 (as a “jobber” on WWE Heat), was in WWE’s developmental promotions OVW and FCW from 2007-2010, and NXT from 2010-2013 before being released and signing with TNA in 2013.

Eddie Edwards wrestled briefly in NXT in 2013 before signing with TNA in 2014.