FOX Possibly Interested In Purchasing WWE?

Dave Meltzer discussed the possibility of FOX buying the WWE in the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer newsletter. The speculation is based on both WWE and UFC having to renew their tv deals in 2018, and UFC might be interested in moving elsewhere. Paul Levesque (HHH) met with FOX executives recently and the belief is that if UFC signs elsewhere FOX will want something to fill up air time on it’s Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2 stations.

Meltzer has also heard FOX could be looking to purchase WWE entirely, so they don’t have to worry about losing a brand to TV rights again, as FOX initially tried to purchase UFC to prevent that issue from arising. The Observer speculates that unless a gigantic multi-billion dollar offer was made to buy WWE then Vince McMahon would likely hesitate to sell-off his majority ownership in the company.

One thing mentioned to Meltzer was that RAW could possibly end up on the FOX broadcast network with SmackDown Live heading to Fox Sports 1, with WWE adding more programming to fill up time slots on Fox Spots 2. One bonus of this would be RAW moving back to two hours, as many local FOX stations have news broacasts that air an hour earlier than NBC, ABC and CBS stations. FOX has a larger cash-flow than normal at the moment due to the sale of FOX Studios to Disney. Both UFC and WWE will likely have their new tv deals by mid-2018 and any changes in network would occur beginning in October 2019.