Impact: Hardy/Nordholm Meeting, Mysterio Deal Falls Through, More

Matt Hardy and Ed Nordholm Meeting

The Matt Hardy and Ed Nordholm photo that Matt Hardy posted yesterday was from a meeting between the two of them about a week or so ago, according to PWInsider.

It appears that they met up at some point to discuss the situation and likely “iron out” their issues and possibly even officially sign paperwork.

Nordholm already previously announced in November that Impact wrestlers would be able to retain the rights to their gimmicks, which finally opened the door for Matt Hardy to debut his Broken/Woken gimmick in WWE.

Rey Mysterio

Impact had reportedly been trying to work out a deal with Rey Mysterio that would have him debut during the current set of TV tapings this week, but the deal has apparently fallen through, according to PWInsider.

The deal was reportedly so close that Impact made travel arrangements for Mysterio, but it now apparently won’t be happening and Mysterio will not be at the tapings this week.

Positive Vibes at Impact

There was a “very positive vibe” at the Impact tapings last night, according to PWInsider.

It was yet another “fresh start,” with the team of Don Callis and Scott D’Amore taking over for their first show.

There was a “positive” backstage meeting with the roster before the tapings and wrestlers were encouraged to ask questions to management.