Impact Results – Jan. 11, 2018 – Lashley/KM vs. Moose/Edwards

IMPACT Results
January 11, 2018
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In-Ring: Dan Lambert, Lashley, KM

Dan Lambert and Lashley are in the ring to kick off tonight’s IMPACT!Lambert talks about ending James Storm’s career last week with the help of American Top Team. He says that KM did something that even Lashley could not – take out James Storm. Lambert says KM has proven himself and calls him out to officially join ATT.

KM joins them and says not only was he the one to help Lambert retire James Storm, but he also took out Moose last week. Then, Moose hits the ring but falls victim to the numbers game. Lashley and KM beat him down but it’s Eddie Edwards who makes the save, causing ATT to retreat!

Grand Champion EC3 vs. Petey Williams – Non-Title Match

Grand Champion EC3 is in the ring and continues to remind the fans of Matt Sydal’s shortcomings in IMPACT Wrestling. EC3 issues an open challenge and it’s none other than Petey Williams who answers!

EC3 attacks Petey Williams before the match begins to gain the early advantage. EC3 continues to wear down Williams for a large portion of the match. Every time Williams tries to build momentum, EC3 shuts him down. Eventually, Williams is able to hit a big side Russian leg sweep for a near fall. Williams attempts the Canadian Destroyer but EC3 counters into the TK3 for a near fall of his own.

Out of nowhere, Matt Sydal attacks EC3 from behind to cause the disqualification. EC3 retreats up the ramp as Sydal stands tall in the middle of the ring.

Winner by DQ: EC3

Backstage: Allie

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews Allie. She calls out Laurel Van Ness for attacking her last week and says she’s not weak anymore.

Backstage: Alberto El Patron

Backstage, Alberto El Patron is furious after losing to Eli Drake for the Global Championship last week.

Backstage: Matt Sydal

Matt Sydal challenges EC3 to a traditional wrestling match with a 60 minute time limit for the Grand Championship. No rounds and no judges, there will be a clear-cut winner!

Knockouts Champion Laurel Van Ness vs. KC Spinelli – Non-Title Match

Spinelli attacks Laurel from behind to get this match underway! Laurel turns things around in the corner with a series of shots, followed by a foot stomp into the turnbuckle. Laurel misses a clothesline, allowing Spinelli to plant her to the mat. She follows up with a big clothesline to remain in control. Spinelli hits a double underhook suplex for a near fall. Both ladies take each other out with in-sync kicks in the middle of the ring! Laurel connects with the curb stomp, followed by the Unprettier to pick up the win.

Winner: Laurel Van Ness

After the match, number one contender Allie charges the ring and brawls with Laurel! Allie holds the ring as Laurel escapes up the ramp.

In-Ring: Eli Drake, Chris Adonis, Alberto El Patron, Johnny Impact

Eli Drake and Chris Adonis are in the ring for Drake’s championship address. Drake talks about defending the Global title at against numerous challengers, including Alberto El Patron on last week’s episode of IMPACT! Drake says that he’s going to put the title on the line in Detroit next week when El Patron interrupts! He says he isn’t booked in Detroit but he’s going to book himself in a match! Johnny Impact comes out next and says he also wants to be part of the match in the Motor City next week! A huge brawl breaks out as Impact launches himself over the top rope to take out everyone on the outside! Impact stands tall with the Global title held high.

Backstage: Dan Lambert, KM, Lashley

Backstage, Dan Lambert praises KM for helping him retire James Storm last week but Lashley doesn’t seem impressed.

Backstage: Chandler and Joseph Park, Jimmy Jacobs, Kongo Kong

Chandler and Joseph Park are celebrating Chandler’s victory in his in-ring debut last week. Jimmy Jacobs approaches them and questions why Joseph Park locked away the Monster, Abyss. Chandler tries to defend Joseph because he’s family. Jacobs reveals a member of his family – Kongo Kong.

Segment: OVE, LAX

We see footage of oVe trashing the LAX clubhouse.

Later on, LAX returns to see that their clubhouse has been destroyed. Konnan says they’re going back to their roots to settle this once and for all – it’s going to be a barbed wire massacre!

Trevor Lee, Caleb Konley & Hakim Zane vs. Sonjay Dutt, Garza Jr & Dezmond Xavier – Six-Man Tag Team Match

Lee distracts the referee while Konley and Zane double team Dutt on their side of the ring. Lee, Konley and Zane continue to wear down Dutt, not allowing him to get the tag. Dutt eventually gets the hot tag to Garza. Zane launches himself off the top rope but Garza ducks, causing him to hit Lee and Konley with a double dropkick! Xavier hits Zane with the top rope twisting corkscrew to pick up the win for his team.

Winners: Sonjay Dutt, Garza Jr & Dezmond Xavier

After the match, X-Division champion Taiji Ishimori stares down Xavier in the middle of the ring. They shake hands as it’s revealed that they will face off for the title on next week’s show!

Lashley & KM w/ American Top Team vs. Moose & Eddie Edwards

Lashley and KM dominate Edwards, not allowing him to tag in his partner, Moose. Edwards is finally able to break free and tags in the big man. Edwards jumps on Moose’s back and they crash on top of KM! Edwards is on the apron but Lashley sweeps his leg behind the referees back, allowing them to regain the advantage. Lashley distracts the referee while KM drives Edwards into the steel ring post on the outside. Moose receives the hot tag and hits KM with a huge hesitation dropkick in the corner! He follows up with the Go to Hell sit-down powerbomb but Lashley breaks up the pin attempt. Edwards connects with a suicide dive on KM. Lambert grabs the leg of Edwards, allowing KM to follow up with the lung-blower to win.

Winners: Lashley & KM

Next Week

Next week, it’s Motor City Mayhem as Eli Drake defends the Global Championship against Johnny Impact and Alberto El Patron. Plus, LAX and oVe settle their differences once and for all in one of the most violent matches of all time – barbed wire massacre! The X-Division title is on the line as Taiji Ishimori defends against Dezmond Xavier and Chandler Park steps into the ring against Kongo Kong. All that and more on next week’s loaded edition of IMPACT! Don’t miss it!