Spoiler: Return and Title Change at Impact Tapings

Austin Aries returned to Impact tonight and defeated Eli Drake to become the new Impact Global Champion. Aries previously held the TNA World Championship in 2012.

During an in-ring promo where Chris Adonis was putting Eli Drake over as the greatest champion of all time, Aries came out and challenged Drake to an impromptu match, which he won.

The episode is expected to air on February 1.

Impact posted the spoiler themselves on their Twitter account to build up hype for the show:

Tonight in Orlando, FL the man who invented Option C, the man who always finds himself with options, the man who people have been wondering where he would show up next, former 6x X-Division Champion and former World Champion Austin Aries returned to IMPACT!!!

Not only did Aries return, but he did so in a MAJOR WAY! Austin Aries came face to face with Global Champion Eli Drake and has completely flipped IMPACT upside down. Austin Aries was able to defeat Eli Drake and is now Global Champion! It will all happen on IMPACT in the coming weeks with immediate questions about the status of now Global Champion, Austin Aries.