Last week on his radio show / podcast, Booker T said that the reason he wasn’t on the Raw commentary team anymore was that he was getting too angry at Corey Graves, so WWE took him off commentary because they were afraid he was going to attack Graves. It’s very likely that this is mostly a work just because that seems pretty absurd and also because Booker’s “rant” just had “work” written all over it. However, besides all the threatening to attack Graves stuff, there is probably some underlying truth to Booker getting annoyed or mad at Graves since he would often take little joking “shots” at Booker during Raw.

Booker also made a comment about Graves “messing with his green,” which could mean that he does actually suspect that Graves may have had something to do with him being removed from the commentary team. The likely truth, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, is that WWE hired Jonathan Coachman to replace Booker T, but waited until the last minute to tell Booker, which caught him off-guard.

Booker is also obviously trying to get more listeners to his radio show.

He posted on Twitter today that he’s going to “address all of the news” on his show tomorrow and he invited Corey Graves to call in and “clear the air.” Graves responded that he “gladly” would.

New episodes of Booker T’s show are released on Saturdays and you can listen here.