Recent episode of the E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness podcast show included a story by Christian of a prank game Stone Cold Steve Austin and himself played on each other during RAW’s 25th anniversary show.

Christian stated this prank game is called “Don’t Look At Me” and was something they used to play a lot during their time together in the WWE. It basically involves catching someone off guard and tagging the person with a time penalty where he is not allowed to look at the prankster. The prankster then tries to get the tagged person to look at him in order to win the match.

Christian stated he revived this game at RAW’s 25th anniversary show after finding out Austin was going to be backstage during the night. He also stated Austin got him really good backstage causing a very awkward scene to be played out in front of others.

“Austin, Jay, and myself have played this game called ‘Don’t Look At Me’. But just real briefly, if one of us say to the other[s], ‘don’t look at me,’ [the response is], ‘ah, how long?’ And then, you have to not look at that person for that long and that person can try to get in your eyesight.

“Actually, he got me good! One time, he told me [not to look at him for] 15 minutes and he kept walking passed me in the hall, trying to get in my sightline, and I’m spinning around talking to people, saying, ‘get out of my eyeshot!’ and people were looking at me like, ‘what is this f–king moron doing?'”

While discussing more about this game, Edge tried to put things into perspective on how ridiculous the whole game is.

“We are grown men, everyone. And Steve Austin is arguably, and not so arguably, the biggest star in the history of the industry. And at the 25th anniversary of RAW, he is back there with ‘The Birdman’ playing ‘Don’t Look At Me’.”

Later in the show, Christian stated the biggest prank he ever gave to Austin from this game occurred shortly before Austin was to be hanged on Undertaker’s symbol to end an episode of RAW in 1998.

“I think I got him with the ultimate ‘don’t look at me’. We were tying him to Undertaker’s cross and we were going to hang him up on the cross, I was at his hand and I was tying his hand, and I go, ‘Steve,’ I whispered to him. He goes, ‘what?’ I go, ‘don’t look at me.’ He goes, ‘you son of a b—h! How long?’ He was asking me how long!”