Impact Results – Feb. 22, 2018 – Jonny Impact vs. EC3

IMPACT Results
February 22, 2018
Orlando, FL
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LAX (Santana & Ortiz) w/ Konnan vs. Cult of Lee (Trevor Lee & Caleb Konley) – Non-Title Match

Santana and Ortiz jump start the match by launching themselves through the ropes, hitting Lee and Konley on the outside. Santana hits a step-up Moonsault on Konley. Lee drags Santana under the ropes to the outside, allowing Konley to gain control with a side suplex on Ortiz. Ortiz hits a top rope double dropkick on the Cult of Lee and gets the hot tag to Santana! Santana connects with a cutter on Lee. LAX attempts the Street Sweeper on Lee but Konley knocks Santana off the top. Lee rolls up Ortiz with a handful of tights to pick up the win!

Winners: Cult of Lee

Brian Cage vs. Hunter Law

Cage continues to look impressive with another dominant outing. Cage hits the Drill Claw to pick up the victory.

Winner: Brian Cage

Backstage: Eddie Edwards and Lashley

Backstage, Eddie Edwards tries to persuade Lashley to join forces tonight against oVe. Lashley agrees and the match is on!

Grand Championship Match
Matt Sydal (c) vs. Petey Williams

We head to Toronto at a Destiny Wrestling event for this championship matchup. Williams jumps off the second rope and hits a Hurricanrana! Sydal connects with a standing Moonsault for a near fall. Williams goes for the Canadian Destroyer but Sydal counters with strikes. Williams locks in the Sharpshooter but Sydal gets to the ropes! Sydal goes for the Shooting Star but Williams avoids it and follows up with a powerbomb. Williams attempts the Canadian Destroyer but this time, it’s Sydal who counters and slams Petey on his head! Sydal gets the pin to retain the Grand Championship.

Winner: Matt Sydal

After the match, Sydal gets on the mic and reads from a scroll that his spiritual guide gave him. The scroll says that on March 8th at Crossroads, it’s his destiny to become X-Division champion by defeating Taiji Ishimori.

In-Ring: Jimmy Jacobs, Kongo Kong, Joseph Park

Kongo Kong and Jimmy Jacobs are in the ring to call out Abyss. Instead, Grandma Jenny comes out and says she’s had enough of how they’ve been treating her grandson, Joseph Park. Jacobs calls Jenny an old hag and she slaps him! Kong is about to attack Jenny when Joseph Park comes out to save her. Jacobs says he didn’t ask for Park to come out, he asked for Abyss. Park says Abyss is never coming back because of all the violence and destruction he caused in the past. Jacobs threatens Jenny — Park has had enough! Park begins to attack Jacobs but Kong lays him out from behind. Jacobs gives Park one final warning, he wants Abyss or else!

No Disqualification Match
Moose vs. Alberto El Patron

We’re at Future Stars Wrestling in Las Vegas for this grudge match. Patron spits water in the face of Moose to gain control. They brawl on the outside as Moose Irish whips Patron into the steel guardrail. He follows up with a running boot. Moose goes for another one but Patron reverses with a back bodydrop into the crowd. Patron and Moose exchange trash can shots before returning to the ring. Patron hits the low blow, followed by a DDT. Patron connects with the top rope double foot stomp to pick up the win.

Winner: Alberto El Patron

Backstage: EC3 and Tyrus

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews the reunited team of EC3 and Tyrus. EC3 states that he’s going to defeat Johnny Impact tonight and face Austin Aries for the World championship at Crossroads.

Lashley & Eddie Edwards vs. oVe w/ Sami Callihan

Callihan trips Edwards from the outside, allowing Jake to connect with a big boot. Jake distracts the referee while Callihan slams Edwards into the ring apron on the outside! Edwards fights out of a double team attempt by oVe and takes them both out with a double dropkick! Edwards gets the hot tag to Lashley and big man goes on the attack! Lashley hits Jake with a powerslam but Dave breaks up follow-up pin attempt. Edwards launches himself through the ropes, hitting a double suicide dive on oVe. Lashley spears Callihan on the outside. Meanwhile, Edwards hits Jake with the Boston Knee Party to pick up the win for his team!

Winners: Lashley & Edwards

EC3 w/ Tyrus vs. Johnny Impact
Winner Faces Austin Aries for World Championship at Crossroads

Impact attempts a springboard but EC3 knocks him off the ropes to the outside. EC3 distracts the referee, while Tyrus attacks Impact on the outside. EC3 remains in control with multiple hard Irish whips into the corner turnbuckles. Impact begins to build momentum with a series of strikes, followed by a standing Shooting Star. EC3 avoids Impact’s Starship Pain attempt and follows up with a sit-out powerbomb. Impact hits the standing Spanish fly! EC3 connects with a super TK3 off the top rope for a near fall! Impact goes for another springboard but Tyrus trips him from the outside. EC3 attempts to pin Impact with his feet on the ropes but unlike last week, Impact is able to kick out. Tyrus stops another Starship Pain attempt from Impact, allowing EC3 to hit the One Percenter. EC3 is fed up with Tyrus not getting the job done and gets in his face. Tyrus isn’t going to take that and pushes EC3 to the floor before leaving ringside! Impact hits the swinging neckbreaker, followed by Starship Pain to pick up the win!

Winner: Johnny Impact

After the match, World champ Austin Aries stares down Impact in the middle of the ring. They will meet at Crossroads on March 8th with the title on the line!

Next week, Kongo Kong takes on Joseph Park, Eddie Edwards battles Sami Callihan, Laurel Van Ness hosts her commitment ceremony to the Knockouts Championship and Rosemary goes to war with Hania in a no disqualification match. All that and more on a loaded edition of IMPACT.