Triple H May Gain More Control in WWE Because of the XFL

Despite what Vince McMahon said during the XFL press conference, according to Dave Meltzer in the most recent Wrestling Observer newsletter, many behind the scenes feel that Triple H will be taking on a more pronounced role in running WWE now that Vince McMahon will be more involved with the XFL, simply because there are only so many hours in the day.

Triple H has been assembling his own team in NXT, including the recent hiring of Jeremy Borash. NXT is a one-hour program aimed at insider fans while the main roster involves over five hours of television a week and many more PPVs, so it remains to be seen if the same approach used for NXT would translate well on RAW and SmackDown Live. NXT’s stronger focus on long-term booking and sticking with creative decisions could certainly benefit both main roster programs, however.

As mentioned yesterday, Triple H is now also running 205 Live, so it’s expected that many of the same tenets he used for NXT will be implemented there, specifically the focus on in-ring action and long-term booking.