Planeta Wrestling held a recent interview with Tyler Breeze discussing his struggles on the main roster, the creation of the Fashion Files, and being left off the Royal Rumble.

On the topic of his struggles on the main roster, Breeze stated a big reason was due to having a harder time adjusting to the main roster than in NXT. He stated it was easier to adjust to NXT and felt he got too comfortable with his role there which led to his struggles adjusting later on. He also stated being paired with Fandango was the best thing to happen to him on the main roster.

“It’s all about timing. It was one of those things when I was ready to get out of NXT. I proved my point there and there really wasn’t much more for me to do and it was time to go. Whether it’s coming up here and for doing what I was doing, you have to adapt. It’s a new environment and basically that is what I was doing the first little while. I was kind of comfortable in my NXT role and up here is not like that. You can’t make the quick transition over, you have to adapt to new opponents, new environment, new TV shows and I was kind of minding my footing. Even getting paired with Fandango for the first little while, we where struggling to find where our chemistry was and we finally clicked. Being paired with Fandango really helps out. I help him out, he helps me out, and I think we’ve really done something special with that.”

On the topic of the creation of the Fashion Files, Breeze stated it started off as one of several small ideas to help build a team identity with Fandango. He never planned for the skits to become a major aspect of the team but it quickly grew into something very big and he had a lot of fun doing the skits on Smackdown.

“It was kind of a mix of opinions. It was one of those thing when we were trying to find where our chemistry was and we just started to throw ideas out there and one of them was to be the Fashion Police. We just started with little ideas, little videos and all of the sudden it took off. We were having fun with it and other people were enjoying it and all of the sudden it became a thing. It was on Smackdown every week for about eight months and we are still doing it now, but we are trying to find the transition and try to focus on other stuff. But it was very important to get some momentum behind us.”

On the topic of being left off the card for the Royal Rumble, Breeze stated it was a bit frustrating to not be able to perform in the event but also believed it simply was due to how packed the roster is with stars and the limited amount of time available for everyone.

“Ha ha! It’s one of those thingsā€¦ Everybody has their time, it’s all about patience. I know that is very easy to get frustrated and seated at home asking, ‘Why me?’ It’s all about patience. We have a extremely talented roster and everybody eventually get the chance and you just have to be positive and enjoy the ride.”