Daniel Bryan Says There’s a Chance He Could Be Cleared for WrestleMania

Daniel Bryan was interviewed by The National in Abu Dhabi, UAE today and was asked about him potentially wrestling at WrestleMania in a tag team with Shane McMahon against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. He said this:

“I don’t know and I don’t think they know. I think it all depends on whether or not I get cleared. As of this moment, as of today, I am not cleared by WWE.

“I have done everything in my power. Everything they have asked me to and I have gone above and beyond as far as ‘Ok, what doctors do you need me to see. Send me to any doctor you want, any doctor that you want and lets get their feedback on what is going on with me’. So far every doctor has cleared me that they have sent me to and so there is a chance.

“I used to think that the percentage of the WWE ever clearing me was low. I think with the stuff that I have done it has gone a little higher but I don’t know how much higher.

“With how everything is, there is one way to go [storyline wise] if I don’t get cleared and then there is another way to go if I am cleared. I am hoping to be cleared but I don’t know which way it goes.”

Daniel Bryan has long claimed that he’s been cleared by several doctors, but WWE has been playing it very safe and their doctors won’t clear him. Reports have been coming out over the past year that he wants to wrestle again and if he’s not cleared by WWE, wants to wrestle elsewhere when his contract expires later this year in September.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, there have been “strong moves” in recent weeks by Bryan to attempt to be cleared. Bryan has been undergoing hyperbaric chamber treatment over the past year, which claims to heal the brain from certain injuries, and as a result of the treatment, he has been cleared by new doctors, according to Meltzer.

Shane McMahon was “injured” by Owens and Zayn on last week’s SmackDown and said that Daniel Bryan would be back on TV this Tuesday, so we’ll probably know more about which direction WWE is going to go soon…