Dolph Ziggler Wishes His Walkout Storyline Would Have Been a Lot Longer

Dolph Ziggler was on a recent episode of the All Things Wrestling Radio podcast one of the topics discussed involved Ziggler’s frustrations with his walkout storyline after winning the U.S. Championship.

Ziggler said that he had been upset over the direction of his character for a while and felt that staying off television for a while due to the walkout storyline would have been a great way to freshen things up for himself. Instead, Ziggler soon discovered that his break from television was going to be a lot shorter than he hoped for.

“I will say that I really begged and pleaded for a couple months off the television show because no matter how good I am or what I’m up to, it seems that 99 times out of 100 I would lose. I didn’t think that I deserved to be on the TV show if I was someone that was losing every night, so I asked to be taken off. I was hoping for maybe six months or a year and it ended up being four weeks.”