WWE: Brock Lesnar Update, Superstar Shake-up, Rock & Cena Box Office

Brock Lesnar Update

The length of Brock Lesnar’s contract is still not known and the likely reason that it’s being kept a secret is that it would reveal when Lesnar is leaving WWE, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. If his new deal was just for one match, it would make it obvious that he was dropping the title to Roman Reigns in Saudi Arabia.

The new deal also allows Lesnar to negotiate one UFC fight while under WWE contract, Dave Meltzer says. Previous reports said that it would allow him to compete in one fight while under contract, but he still has about seven months of a USADA suspension to serve, so if he has a short term WWE contract, as assumed, the UFC fight stipulation wouldn’t really apply anyway.

Also, Reigns was reportedly busted open “the hard way” with elbows to the head, on purpose, according to Meltzer. Both Reigns and Vince McMahon agreed to draw blood that way.

Superstar Shake-up

A lot of the SmackDown roster will be backstage at Raw this Monday for the Superstar Shake-up, but most Raw talent will NOT be at SmackDown the next night, according to Dave Meltzer.

The reason is that the Raw roster has four house shows in South Africa next week starting on Wednesday in Cape Town, so they’ll be traveling there after Raw. There’s then another show in Cape Town on Thursday, one in Pretoria on Friday, and Johannesburg on Saturday.

Box Office

The Rock and John Cena both had movies in theaters this week.

Rampage, starring The Rock, opened at #1 with $34.5 million this weekend.

Blockers, in its second week, came in at #5 with $10.3 million this weekend for a total of $36.9 million from last week.