WWE’s United Kingdom Plans Update; ITV to Resume WoS Plans

As previously reported, WWE announced that a new “U.K. King of the Ring” tournament featuring their United Kingdom division will be held this June.

WWE is currently planning on it being an eight-man tournament and only including those signed to WWE U.K. contracts, according to the Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Meltzer also reported that there have been recent talks of ITV once again preparing to resume their World of Sport revival project. His sources close to the situation stated that the company is currently considering plans to hold television tapings as early as next month and have started to contact wrestlers about their intentions. These plans include holding 10 one-hour episode tapings over a three-day span.

It was also reported that there is a current feeling within the U.K. wrestling scene of WWE preparing another signing spree of U.K. talent after their next European tour and being very close to signing a weekly television deal for their U.K. division. There is also a feeling that WWE will eventually become more restrictive of where their contracted U.K. talents will be allowed to work once ITV’s own plans start again.

There have also been rumors that ITV and WWE are still considering the idea of working together should ITV’s World of Sport plans fail again. Those potential talks would be contingent on WWE’s current television deal with Sky Sports which does not expire until the end of 2019.