Results via Jeremy

May 15, 2018
London, England
Commentary: Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson

Tyler Bate defeated Kenny Williams, TJP, and Kalisto in a four-way match

Kalisto took Williams down briefly with a high kick, but Williams hit a jumping back elbow for two. Kalisto used a double backflip headscissors for two, then hit an airplane spin and launched TJP onto Williams. Williams hit a jumping back elbow for two. TJP locked on a seated Indian Deathlock before Bate came in and TJP applied a modified Octopus and a front choke on Kalisto. Kalisto hit a double Listo kick to Bate and Williams. TJP shoved Williams into the buckle to crotch Kalisto, who was the victim of a Tower of Doom spot. Williams connected with a double baseball slide before Bate hit a Deadman dive and Kalisto hit a flip dive to the pile. Williams used a satellite DDT on Kalisto for two. Kalisto got kicked by Williams into the steps and, as he went for a springboard, Bate hit a palm strike.

Bate and TJP went at it and Bate hit a big lariat before pinning TJP with the Tyler Driver ’97.

Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali & Flash Morgan Webster defeated Drew Gulak, Joseph Conners & James Drake

Backstage, Alexander and Mustafa Ali chatted about tonight’s main event before Flash Morgan Webster arrived and welcomed them to the UK. Maverick came down before Alexander, Ali, and Webster entered.

Drew Gulak talked about his team-building exercises ensuring that his team will win tonight.

Conners and Alexander started off until Conners broke in the corner and threw some cheap elbows. Alexander recovered and tagged in Webster for a fast shot to the ribs. Drake ducked down when Morgan came in and scooted away to avoid him. Gulak hit a forearm on Webster, who landed a rana and a flipping senton on Conners for two.

Ali entered and flew onto Conners for two. Drake then came in and attacked Ali before double-teaming him with Conners. Gulak tagged in and hit a gourdbuster on Webster on the top rope. Webster’s mouth was busted open and Drake put on a chinlock.

Webster got a rana off the middle rope. Ali came in and hit Conners with an X-Factor, a super rana, and flipped him into Drake. Drake ate a hard chop from Ali, with Alexander coming in to take Drake down with a series of shots.

Alexander hit a Neutralyzer, but Gulak locked on an ankle lock. Alexander escaped and tagged in Ali, who hit a jumping tornado DDT on Gulak. The 054 hit and ended it, with Maverick giving them all a standing ovation.