Matt Hardy Taking Time Off Due to Injuries, Wyatt/Hardy Team Done?

Matt Hardy will now reportedly be taking time off to undergo treatment for various injuries and a decision will then be made as to whether he can return to the ring, and if so, in what capacity or schedule, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Matt Hardy said earlier this month that he recently learned that his lower back and pelvis have started fusing together and speculated that it’s most likely from doing his top rope leg drop.

Hardy, who is turning 44 next month, has been posting cryptic tweets recently teasing that his career could be coming to an end.

A possibility is that Hardy may start to shadow WWE match producers, with a possibility that that may be his future with the company.

If Hardy is in fact taking time off, this past Monday’s Raw may have been the “blow off” match for him and Bray Wyatt as a team. Though there was no “break up,” they have lost several matches in a row and Matt Hardy has also been teasing on Twitter that their time as a team is coming to an end.