Joey Janela Suffers Possibly Serious Leg Injury (Video) (Updated)

Indie superstar “Bad Boy” Joey Janela suffered what appeared to be a serious leg/knee injury on Friday night at a Game Changer Wrestling show in Asbury Park, NJ.

During a match against Psicosis, Janela jumped off of the top turnbuckle onto Psicosis on the outside and landed badly on his left leg, twisting his knee around. You can see the injury happen in the video below…

After the injury, the match was cut short, with Janela’s girlfriend Penelope Ford hitting a hurricanrana on Psicosis, then Janela hitting a superkick for the win.

After the match, a shaken up Janela got on the mic and apologized to the crowd about the match, then said that he knew this injury was bad. There was then “a moment where he broke down, saying how his career had such momentum and now this would derail it for a while.” (via PWInsider)

Janela posted on Twitter that he was at the emergency room after the show, but there’s been no update since.

Janela wrestles for several indie promotions and is the current WWN Champion in EVOLVE. He lost to Hangman Page in a Chicago Street Fight at All In.


Janela posted this update today: