WWE 205 Live Results – Sep. 11, 2018 – Alexander & Tozawa vs. Gulak & Gallagher

Results via Jeremy Peeplesf4wonline.com

September 11, 2018
Lafayette, Louisiana
Commentary: Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson

Buddy Murphy defeated Gran Metalik

A standoff started things off before Metalik flipped around and landed a rana and dropkick. Murphy dominated on the floor with power until Metalik used his speed to moonsault Murphy down off the top to the floor. Murphy posted him and locked on a chinlock mid-ring. They fought up top and Metalik hit a sunset bomb. Metalik’s reverse slingblade hit and then a chop led to a springboard elbow to the jaw for two. A superkick to the jaw led to a moonsault, but a second resulted in him being crotched. Metalik hit a rope-walk rana, a powerbomb, and a spiral bomb for two. The Metalik Driver hit for a close near fall, but Murphy attacked the knee and hit Murphy’s Law to win it.

Murphy said you can’t stop the unstoppable, he’s the strongest cruiserweight in the division, and this victory is a step forward in his quest to win the Cruiserweight title in his hometown at Super Show-Down in Melbourne, Australia next month.

Mustafa Ali defeated Michael Thompson

We were told that Mustafa Ali has been cleared to compete, leading to a recap of his match with Hideo Itami one month ago where he suffered from exhaustion. Backstage, Alexander came in, wished Ali luck tonight, and hyped up his partner — as Tozawa did wacky things slightly off-camera.

Ali entered to face his opponent, but Itami came out before the match could begin and mocked Ali. Ali chopped his opponent and landed a rolling X-Factor. The tornado DDT hit before the 054 gave Ali a quick victory.

Backstage: Drake Maverick, Drew Gulak, Jack Gallagher

Maverick told Gulak and Gallagher not to cause chaos and not to blame any chaos on 205 Live on him being distracted by managing AOP on Raw. Maverick told them that if they feel so strongly about it, he can certainly arrange a meeting between them and AOP if they would like. This was a nice twist for Maverick — he is willing to use his hired muscle for his own benefit in a way that still makes him come off as like a babyface since he’s just doing it to avoid physical harm for himself.

Backstage: Noam Dar, Lio Rush

Noam Dar cut a selfie promo on Lio Rush, mocking him for his nicknames before Rush responded and shined brightly. They’ll face off next week in what should be a fantastic match. Hopefully Rush wrestles wearing his goofy bow tie.

Drew Gulak & Jack Gallagher defeated WWE Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander & Akira Tozawa

Gallagher and Alexander started off with a lot of chain wrestling before Alexander dropkicked him down and Gallagher took an odd face-first bump for it. In a fantastic spot, Gallagher got pinballed between Alexander and Tozawa for chops, before covering up and then eating a double fake-out jab and falling into a perfect tag for Gulak. Gulak and Gallagher double-teamed Tozawa and attacked him in the corner to get an advantage. Alexander got a hot tag and ran wild with lariats. He got trapped in the corner thanks to Gulak, and Gallagher hit the corner dropkick for a near fall. A high/low lariat and knee clip got two for Gulak. Alexander hit a Cactus clothesline to send Gulak out after a quick tag. Tozawa got a missile dropkick and landed a suicide dive. Alexander and Gulak brawled on the floor before Gallagher uppercut Alexander and they posted him. Gallagher landed a big headbutt to Tozawa and Gulak made him tap to the Gu-Lock.

Maverick said he was impressed tonight and made Alexander vs. Gulak for the Cruiserweight title next week.